Removing the flap with a loved one on their own ?

Removing the flap with a loved one on their own ?
You will need:
  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Going to church
# 1

Sometimes there are situations when a loved one suddenly starts to be rude and all kind show that the relationshipdoomed to separation.It is not always the reason lies in the fact that love is really gone, in many cases - it is a manifestation imposed on it lapel.

# 2

protection flap.If the flap is only beginning to act, and at the moment, a loved one has not destroyed the relationship, then make a reality of this method is relatively simple.In another case, however, it must be all sorts of tricks to provoke a dinner together.Magee advised removing the lapel with a loved one, and to put protection for yourself and your loved forever.It is necessary to prepare a favorite dish lover, and put three candles around it.Then it is necessary to christen the dish three times, after reading the plot of the defense continue to light all the candles.And after they burn through completely, lover should call at the table.

# 3

Bread.This method was easier by the fact that a loved one involved in it is not required, but it is necessary to demonstrate their culinary skills.It is necessary to make bread during the waxing moon, but in the process of cooking, no matter what can not be distracted, and all this time we must be silent.Another advised to learn how to make a flap on the man who brought it to her lover.When the bread is ready, you need to go out and feed the birds, mentally asking them to re-connect the lovers of the heart, that is, yourself and the beloved.It is their names throughout the feeding, distracted by extraneous and someone to talk and can not.After that, we must go home, and the whole day to avoid contact with other people.

# 4

Eggs.Many people think, how to remove the flap, if a loved one is gone because of this to another woman.To do this, take two rotten eggs and write the names of the lover and rival, and then go out and beat them.Lapel made the woman suddenly disappears, and the favorite will begin to realize that there is something wrong, and be sure to come back to the family.

# 5

Going to church.Finally, the last way - a visit to the church.We need to talk with the priests, to tell them about how to act on the lapel of her lover, and they will agree to help.You may need to clean your soul, I confess all sins, and then the flap leaves the soul with all the sins that will bring back a loved one back to the family.After all, when superimposed flap opponent utters the names of two people - the one to whom it applies, and that from someone makes lapel.And if one person is removed from this spell, then the second, it automatically disappears.

# 6

sad when relationships crumble due to the fact that the flap is imposed, because of the man who left the family ceases to be aware of your feelings, and do only what he is ordered by magic.However, in such a situation, it is always possible to break the spell, using one of the methods of removing the flap.