How religion affects the economy of the state ?

How religion affects the economy of the state ?
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  • awareness contradictory
  • such assessments need to form your own opinion about this
# 1

But if we talk in general about how religion affects the economy,it can be noted the following tendencies.Firstly, if the economic life of important honesty, respect, religion helps to instill these qualities to his followers.Second, religion praises the work that contributes to the growth of incomes.

# 2

Therefore, now there is no point in thinking about how to deal with religion.Now she can strengthen specific economic system.US researchers even claim that religion affects the rate of economic growth.Moreover, the belief in hell promotes this more than the belief in paradise.

# 3

Here, of course, a reasonable question arises: how to found a religion, a religion, to meet the specified targets.The influential magazine The Economist ¬Ľadvises to start to realize that it is necessary to create such a divine ideal, striving for that person will be ready to follow it necessary specif

ic ideas, becoming a servant.To achieve this, you need to focus on the "true" teachings that will cause a person to cultivate.

# 4

It is possible that before the person becomes a problem, how to change religion.To do this, he needs to visit the church in which religion is preached desired.There, he can talk to the priest, who will explain what is required to change the doctrine.Next inchurched should carefully study the basics of the new faith.When you will need to go through a rite of passage to the new faith, which varies from church to church.

# 5

If we talk about how religion affects a person, it is important to note that everything depends on the truth of religion.So, true certainly play a positive role, false - negative.However, scientists from Duke University say that among the believers is much more people-intensive brain atrophy.Most likely, this can be explained by a stress experienced believers, when religious doctrine at odds with the realities of life.

# 6

And yet it is impossible to assess the impact of religion on the economy clearly.For example, Leo Tolstoy thought quite differently: "As soon as the peasants were freed from the despotism of the Church, so immediately raised the spirit of the people, and immediately, without exception, are established and economic well-being of his."