How to make a dart on a dress ?

How to make a dart on a dress ?
You will need:
  • machine for sewing
  • Graph
  • Pen or pencil Scissors
  • Material
# 1

The first step is to take off standards.In these measurements, you need to consider chest and hips, the length of the forehand to the waist and back.Also, shoulder length, width, back and chest, chest height and depth of the neck, the thighs and the waist line of the skirt length.Then you need to build a base curve of the bodice.Therefore it is necessary to carry out a vertical line from the middle of the forehand and back.

# 2

Then draw a horizontal line of the hips and waist to hold the line in the distance.It must be equal to the length of thighs.You also need to draw from the waist line in front of the chest and back.After that, we can already draw a line through the resulting points.Then, it is necessary to measure the width of the hips and waist length to the forehand.And back to the waist length of the waist line.

# 3

If you follow the rules, then the question is how to make the groove on t

he dress, will no longer be relevant.After the performed measurements need to mid recesses at the waist line proved more serving at the chest.Then it is necessary to defer half the distance from the mid-breast-line forehand.As a result, the middle recesses at the back waist will be located at a distance of half the distance of breast.

# 4

It should make minus one centimeter from the mid line of the back.Then draw a line standing side sections, taking into account the constants.Also it is necessary to hold the groove on the back waist line forehand.It is important to take into account variables and constants.In addition, it is necessary to hold the back of the neck line.The width of the back of the neck should be leveled six centimeters, and height - one centimeter.

# 5

then need to hold the neck line before.Such width should be half a centimeter wider than the back of the neck.The height should be equal to the depth of the neck here, you want to postpone the length forehand to her waist.Round out the need to correct for this four centimeters from the beginning of the shoulder should be cut first retreat.How to make a recess to the slope of the shoulder cut turned right?

# 6

For this purpose, it is necessary to postpone nine centimeters horizontally from the width of the neck resection.A measure of her three centimeters vertically, then connect it to the notch width of the neck.It is necessary to measure the middle between the chest and the neck line in the middle.Then, just below a horizontal line, which should be equal to half the width of the back.

# 7

to shoulder from the back line need to postpone the point two centimeters.And three get the point to draw the line armholes.Then you draw a line from a point one-third of the neck to the chest line.Get the width of the chest.Then from the middle of the forehand, it is necessary to hold the segment up to half of breast distance and plus three centimeters to the shoulder line.Will stretch to the chest line, it will be the top groove forehand.

# 8

Then we need to make a pattern of the skirt.To do this, you need to draw a line back forehand skirt along its length.And also it is necessary to make the bottom line of the skirt, get hip ratio, and plyusovat need this four centimeters.Then should measure the waistline and hips.And also need to find the line side bevel cut.The solution is then undercuts forehand and backrest should be divided in half, decreasing by half a centimeter.It is also necessary to make the groove on the back canvas.

# 9

get the value undercuts the solution, should be divided in half, and all lines connect.The front panel is necessary to draw a solution in almost two centimeters.In this case the main part to divide into two.The belt should be cut on the width of the ribbon corsage.The length should be done by eight centimeters longer than the waist on the patterns.Then just need to connect the details of the pattern and get ready to dress.