Як зшити циганську спідницю ?

How to sew a gypsy skirt ?
You will need:
  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • zipper
  • Nonwoven
  • Lesko
# 1

sewing success and general appearance of the finished product depends on the fabric.So, choose the fabric for the skirt.This should be easy, but the dense fabric, the skirt to wear is not stretched.The material should not be shrinkable and well draped.It is best suited artificial fabrics - satin, silk, polyester, staple, crepe de chine, or blended fabrics.Its color may be different, the main thing that it was bright colorful colors.

# 2

You can use fabric with elegant applique or take a one-color and decorate it with lace, ribbons, beads or embroidery.Of course, before you sew a gypsy skirt, you need to take your measurements.For a pattern to be measured waist and hips inch.Centimeter tape must be held horizontally to the waist and a tight fit.It is also important to determine the length of the future product.

# 3

For this tape is lowered from the waist down through the middle of the forehand and mark the desi

red length.The skirt should cover the good leg, but did not interfere with the movement.Make a pattern.Pattern gypsy skirt looks like two circles (the sun) with a hole in the center, equal to the waist.You can take a skirt finished the pattern - the sun or make your own.Before cutting the fabric, it is desirable to wash in warm water and ironed, ready to skirt the village is not.

# 4

length of fabric cut is equal to the length of the product multiplied by 4 to cut out the cloth skirt, waist, ruffles, it is necessary so to remain seam allowances and hem of about 1.5 cm. Frill better cut on the bias of thedifferent color fabric.Before sewing gypsy skirt, make sure that you were in the presence of the necessary elements for the integrity of the product.For example, the zipper and interlining.

# 5

tailoring details.Edit edge detail skirt overlocking.Details patterns folded inside out, stitch and press them apart.Details sew frills.Neaten frills, bend the bottom and press it.Evenly is gathered frill skirt to size and sew.It can be two or even three layers of ruffles.Belt stiffness duplicate interlining, stitch side seams.Attach the skirt at the waist and sew.

# 6

best to use the zipper skirt to not slipped.To this gypsy skirt can make another petticoat.It can be made on the pattern skirt sun or half sun.The lower skirt is made of a monochromatic fabric, slightly shorter than the length of the main skirt.To it also sewn frill.And the skirt has become more lush and the air in the line edge ruffles sewn.The skirt is ready!