How to dress for baptism ?

How to dress for baptism ?
You will need:
  • Spacious shirt
  • Shawl
  • Dress
# 1

This holiday is celebrated in the Christian and Orthodox Church is one of the most important.But in this case, clothing is very important, as it not only has to meet the bright day, but also be comfortable and convenient.But how to dress for the baptism of the child in such a momentous day?Naturally the fact that on such a day can not be allocated in the appearance.Blouses with short sleeves, short skirts, jeans, tops - all this does not correspond to the church wall.It is also not advisable at all to go to church in pants, because, as far as not advanced humanity, the church still considers it menswear.

# 2

The best option for a woman to answer the question: how to dress for the christening of the child, is the following.The mother is also the main person in the baptism of their child, so it should look great, but do not throw.It is best to wear a dress gentle discreet shades.Since that day, festive and bright, then the dress should b

e bright colors.Perfectly suited white, pale blue, pink and cream shades.The patterns on the dress may be, but they need to be discreet.

# 3

Dress for baptism is necessary so that the dress had long sleeves, as well as the length of the skirt, which should be no higher than the knees.If there is no suitable dress, you can easily pick up a blouse and long skirt of the same color schemes.We must not forget that according to the laws of the church, a woman has no right to go to church without a hat, scarf therefore should be compulsory clothing item.Men should dress for the christening is also very modest, in bright colors, usually light trousers and a shirt on a lighter tone.It is also very important that the clothes people feel comfortable, it does should not distract during the service.

# 4

But not only clothes for baptism should be different from the ordinary type, make-up is also very important.It is clear that every woman, especially if she is the child's mother or godmother wants to look the best.But catchy makeup is acceptable only at parties, hiking club or birthday.At the christening the best opt ​​out of makeup.The only thing that can be used - light mascara and foundation.In baptism the priest asks to kiss the cross, of course, that to do this lipstick is not permissible at all.

# 5

It is also important to know what the child is baptized.During baptism open the baby limbs, so clothing should be loose.Girl is best to dress in wide dress and boy in a broad shirt and shorts (pants in the winter).Newborn baby dressed in a white diaper kryzhmu- which gives godmother.If a baptized adult, it is best to put on in baptism in a long gown.Such clothes are sold in the church.It is important to remember a towel, as will wet out of the water.