How to bury a person on a day to bury a man?

How to bury a person on a day to bury a man?
You will need:
  • Coffin
  • Candles
  • Prayers
# 1

Sooner or later, such a sad event occurs in the lives of people, as the death of loved ones.After the death of the person, it must be buried, but, as in any other case in the funeral has its own traditions.Before his death, if there is time, the dying man to invite a priest who his confession and communion.And also hold another ceremony called Extreme Unction.But it can be done if the person is conscious and more or less than adequate condition.In the room where the dying person needs to close all windows and doors, hang mirrors.If you have pets, they should be at this time, somewhere in the time to give back.If a person during his lifetime was a Christian and lived according to Christian laws, according to them, the burial after death should be on the third day.Pre-wash the corpse, which symbolizes the future of man Sunday during the prayer ablutions.You can not wash the body of the young women, usually do older people.And it is desirable that

they were not relatives.After bathing in the deceased wears clean clothes, bright colors.If there is no suitable clothes to buy something new, in no case can not be put on your own or relatives.Sometimes some people over clothing close dead white cloth - shroud.

# 2

sure crucifix should be dressed in the deceased.The body is placed head to the east, and placed his hands on Goody, right over left.In the hands of a dead person or a crucifix embedded icon.In the late forehead formed a special crown, which symbolizes the kingdom of heaven, the dead body fumigate incense or sprayed with holy water.The relatives of the deceased can not make the body of the house, even if it will make other people.You can not go to the dead, as it can bring misfortune and even death.After the removal of the body, it is necessary to wash the floor in the room where the man died, it is desirable to also wipe furniture.The very bed where the man met his death it is best to throw it away, or better yet burn.When the body is placed in a coffin under his head to put a small pillow stuffed with twigs and leaves of willow and birch.4 Light the candles at the tomb of the two at the head of two feet and one on each side of the coffin.

# 3

But because Russian legislation is completely impossible to carry out the rite.As if the body has not been delivered to the morgue, the death certificate did not get.After the body give to relatives, you can go on a specially prepared truck to the church where the funeral service of the deceased held a ceremony.During the funeral all the relatives and friends of the deceased hold candles.After the funeral the coffin of the deceased were taken to the cemetery, where there should be agreement in advance on the dug grave.Up from the grave the coffin transport are the relatives of the deceased.The coffin was placed at the tomb on stools or pre-prepared base.All relatives and friends of the dead man say goodbye to them, you can put around the tomb memorial dish kutyu with a lighted candle.If a person during his lifetime wearing glasses or a prosthesis, these things need to be put in the coffin.Nothing else to put in the coffin is not necessary and even dangerous.After goodbyes and then closed the coffin previously lowered into the grave.According to the Orthodox tradition the deceased must lie head to the east and the feet to the west.During the funeral service sung by the angelic songs, or as it is called the Trisagion.When the coffin into the grave fully furred, all the relatives and friends of the deceased at a time, without the hassle, scoop up a handful of earth and throw it on the coffin.After the tomb buried, forming a mound.

# 4

For a more correct and precise burial rite, it is best to ask advice from a priest or in a special funeral.The priest will give the right instructions, and answer any questions for the relatives of this sad ritual.After the funeral, taken hold commemoration of the deceased, or as it is called in the funeral rite of the people.And not wake held only immediately after the funeral, on the third day, and on the third, ninth and fortieth day.For the first funeral is open to all who attended the funeral.The board usually served pancakes, jelly, fish, lean cakes.All the days except for days of fasting can bring to the table and meat food, soup, pie.If the relatives of the deceased and the family adheres to the Christian tradition, during memorial services have recommended not to drink alcohol.And if you did without them, the way they are imperfect, various liqueurs and light wine.It is not necessary to put on the table, empty plate and glass to the deceased, and his portrait.On the ninth and fortieth day going to the wake only the closest relatives.In the wake recall only the good and, of course, they can not have fun and sing songs.