How to sew a long robe ?

How to sew a long robe ?
You will need:
  • Fabric
  • Threads
  • Needles
  • Chalk Sewing machine
# 1

Start sewing gown with patterns.Measure your chest, waist and hips, as well as the length from shoulder to waist and from waist to hem gown.If the gown will sew the sleeves, measure even sleeve length sleeves from shoulder to hem.Take the paper and apply the basic dimensions of the back pattern halves forehand coat and sleeves.

# 2

If you do not have the skills for this, take for example my old robe, thrust it and copy it to the contours of the main parts.Cut out the pattern with scissors along the contour coat.How quickly sew a robe?Very fast and easy, you can make a dressing gown with the smell.It does not require tabs with buttons, has a very simple cut and sew a gown is not too difficult.

# 3

To make a long robe with sleeves need to buy 2.3 meters of fabric with a width of 150 cm for 44-48 size coat, 2.5 meters - for the 50-54 size, etc.With the transfer pattern dimensions of a product using chalk on the c

loth.When cutting the fabric, note that natural material gives shrinkage in the wash, so make allowances, not only at the seams.

# 4

Decide on the pocket, it is possible to make an internal, for this, measure from the waistline of 20 cm - is the highest point of the pocket, the lower point mark at a distance of 15-20 cm from the top, think for the size that you wouldconveniently.Carefully cut with scissors of the product, cream of making not sewn segment for internal pocket.Try robe.Look where you want to adjust some sizes.How to sew a long robe?

# 5

Sew the pieces of her dressing gown on the sewing machine.Neaten the edges of the product.If the fabric does not stretch the edges, you can not handle it, and make blindhem.To do this, sew the front of the product, cut the edge of the fabric and sew the edge to the wrong side.Cutting sleeve products, sour them, try, sew them in the same way.Baste and sew a robe pocket.

# 6

On the edge of the front halves of the gown and sew the neck edge or piping from the main or some contrasting fabric in the main tone.Instead, you can sew edge to robe shawl collar or hood, hood only need to buy extra fabric.To robe does not swing open, the inside of the front halves of the product sew special ties or a button with a loop.Place a bottom robe.It remains to sew belt and gown ready.