Practical Magic for Women

Practical Magic for Women
You will need:
  • Gift
  • Charms Charms and rituals
# 1

Magic - is a kind of science of control and influence over the divine and surface forces.Everyone has a certain energy and frequency.Properly using them, and steered to the desired direction, you can get the opportunity to influence and affect the reality.This is the basis of magic.Therefore, to be successful magician, you need to find mutual understanding with nature?because it contains a lot of energy.How to master the magic inherent in every woman, because every representative of the fairer sex is inherent in a great intuition.But this is not enough, you first need to study a large amount of literature.Return loved can love spell.

# 2

He always helps in love magic.Only about these omens and charms can not tell anyone, but to live and enjoy their life and believe that everything will come to pass.Only someone who feels completely in the world goes into a single whole with the world reaches great heights.Harmony with the world - i

s, above all, harmony with itself.All the magic is based on the influence of people and others.Without this it is impossible.Every magician has his place of power, from which he eats with his energy, and so every first magician looks for his place, which is a positive energy and recharge.From some places people get health from other balance and recharge from third success in his life.Everyone gets something that he is internally ready.

# 3

How to use magic: at any stage of the study and mastery of magic is the realization of their actions and their full control, monitoring of the environment and the world around them.To properly use magic spells needed.And then, according to the content, use the spell and all.For any ritual takes time, because when the magician begins to use magic without learning to control it, it loses its strength and energy.The most important principles of magic: do no harm.Any spell damage and guidance provided at the mage's health on the negative effects and do not pass unnoticed.Our life is a boomerang.It all comes back to the magician with the double and sometimes triple force at the most inopportune moment.You have to understand that this magic, how to get a loved one, not to cause harm.

# 4

love spell refers to black magic, it affects psychologically per person, with the result that it is managing thoughts and ideas and is limiting its freedom and choice.This is a very serious interference in a person's life, and the punishment for the magician can be severe disease and failure.For successful magic acts need to be confident in their abilities, then everything will be fine and.Correct spells and their use ensures good luck and success in all magical operations.

# 5

become a good magician can only learn the place of power, it is the revelation of himself in the first place.To the magician does not fall under the influence of other magicians, he must learn to use and master magic.From the magician requires, first of all, thanks to God, a good attitude to the planet and nature.Before you use magic, you must understand that she is alive and is in the man, but it does not belong, and then the magic will bring substantial benefits.School of magic - is, in fact, a person's life;this creativity and their own efforts.