chicken suit with his hands

chicken suit with his hands
You will need:
  • Turtleneck, blouse yellow
  • pants or skirt
  • Basis for hats
  • fabrics of red and yellow flowers
# 1

Pick in the wardrobe of your child's appropriatetop.For girls, it may be elegant blouse, preferably yellow.If this is not available, you can take a white lace blouse and decorate it with yellow accents.For example, yellow can be made of fabric or sleeve false "flashlight" which armhole sewn to the main sleeve.Boys can be made in a similar way to the top of the suit.

# 2

If no yellow turtleneck - use the white base, adding to the base made separately "flashlights."The next step in the manufacture of the costume is the bottom of the preparation.Girls fluffy skirt suit yellow.To impart additional volume can skirt underneath the main wear skirts second skirt made of a hard material such as tulle.If this is not available - take plain white cloth and posheyte skirt-bell.

# 3

Obsheyte beautiful lace hem, and after much nakrahmalte.How to sew a chicken suit for the boy?Namel

y - the lower part of the dress?Pick brown, yellow or black trousers.They are quite suitable for the completion of a complete set of costume.But if you want originality, fabricate such pants themselves.It is better to make them in the form of lush shorts.To this end, cutting them out of yellow fabric.

# 4

Thread the top and bottom seams in knitted elastic.Do not spare tissue shorts - lush, they will look better.In order to completely understand the question, how to make a chicken costume, you need to think about how to look and scallop collar.For a beautiful red cloth collar required.It is necessary to carve out of it in the form of a collar polusolntsa.The edges can be clad beautiful lace or braid.

# 5

to cap future chicken separately fabricate a small red comb.It can be made of cardboard, and then attached to the base.But the more original looks scallop, made out of two parts.Inside of such products need to shove a bit of cotton wool or syntepon.It will turn red crown volume, which will be perfect to keep the shape of the entire length of the matinee.He was then sutured to the cap - based.Cap must be yellow.