Magic : how to put the protection against the negative ?

Magic : how to put the protection against the negative ?
You will need:
  • desire
  • candles
  • rite
  • Photo
# 1

Since ancient times people believed in witches and sorcerers.Using magic can both kill and heal anyone.But it is necessary to resort to with great care.White magic.How to put the defense?The first thing you need to determine what will be made of this protection, and each person is decided for himself.This can be: glass, concrete, or even bamboo.We need to mentally build a wall around themselves.The principle is that of the circle gets only positive energy, and all negativity is behind him.

# 2

Effective magic as bewitch Man?Before you do this, you need to think a hundred times, but is it worth it.After all, if love will pass, just from that person will be difficult to get rid of.needed for the ceremony: the photo, which are rolled into a tube, ignited and inhaled the smoke, thinking at the same time as the person is suffering from depression, as he wants to see.This procedure needs to be done three times.Then burn the photo down, diss

olve the remains in a glass of cold water to drink, say the following words: "As you are in me and I in you."

# 3

Sometimes separation from loved causes suffering, in this case, too, will help magic.How to forget a loved one?The most effective means would be spent on the flap itself.For this will be enough photographs or personal belongings beloved.This is best done on the street, if this is not possible, open the window and perform the ritual by his side.The idea that would gone with the smoke affection and feelings.Things to put in a deep pot (which is not sorry), set fire to and looking at the smoke say 'Smoke goes along with it my love for the wind of the sea and will never return. "Ash is also necessary to dispel the wind.Pan good wash and throw away.How to get rid of a rival?Magic can help, but it is worth remembering that should pay for everything, and evil is made to another person, be sure to return.The best way will be the lapel.It is enough to know the name of the competitor and loved.On an A4 sheet write down the names so that would be the distance between them.Sheets put on the table, and three times with a knife to hold between the names.Saying: "cut off all that connects you (to name)."Then burn the names individually.Black magic, how to forget a person?For the ritual need the human picture, which you want to forget the cold water and salt.Photography dipped in cold salted water, and then buried in the ground.Thus, the person is deleted from memory.