How to make a gypsy costume?

How to make a gypsy costume?
You will need:
  • Blouse fabric stretch
  • wide motley skirt
  • motley shawl
  • monist or more strands of bright beads
  • cosmetics bright makeup
# 1

Christmasholidays, the Christmas days after Christmas cause desire to use at parties carnival elements.Very popular among slender female gypsy costume.The emergence of such suit, execution gypsy, is bound to attract the male gaze.The image of the gypsy creates an aura of mystery, fascination.If more and be able to perform gypsy romance, the fans collect a considerable number.

# 2

gypsy costume can be taken on rent or ordered in the studio, but the easiest and cheapest way - is to make it out of the materials at hand with his own hands.Consider carefully your wardrobe attach fiction and fantasy, and then the task of how to make the gypsy suit the day before the party will have you on the shoulder.

# 3

Select bright tight blouse with ¾ sleeves and sew it to the shuttlecocks in several rows.Gates can also be sheathe flounces.Perhaps shuttleco

cks from out-of-fashion dress, very suitable here.Blouse should be easily spun.If you're at a dance to raise up their hands, it should not bother you.A good option - blouse with a smell of ending long ribbons - laces.

# 4

most important part gypsy costume - broad motley skirt.Ideally, it should be two suns.In this case, you can dance, swinging skirt and lifting the edges up, without fear that too bare feet.These gypsy dance with open toe ankle only, fast flashing at a furious pace.It is up to the ankle and should be the length of your skirt.

# 5

If you do not have such a wide skirt, and you have firmly opted for the gypsy costume, how to sew a skirt will be dismantled easily.From colorful fabric carve four semi-circle, making each a small semi-circle for a quarter of the circumference of your waist with an allowance.The cross-linking side seams, making the assembly of fabric at the waist, sewn belt buckle.

# 6

on gum long skirts do not recommend.Suddenly came during a dance at the hem.So what you waiting for then?The edge of the skirt treat overlocking.Still nice to get, if a basic skirt are sewn ruffles.Important components of the costume gypsy, this necklaces of coins, bright beads.

# 7

And that to some shortcomings self-made costume no one paid attention, just needed a bright gypsy look.If you are blonde, the dark wig or a scarf tied round skillfully help you get closer to the image of this gypsy.Will complete your look bright makeup, dark eyebrows, eyes burning freedom-loving beauty.