Magic : fulfillment of desires by thought

You will need:
  • Magic gift
  • Charms and rituals
  • Charms
# 1

Nothing materialized as a person's thoughts.The full functioning of a person in a complex formed from his thoughts and actions.Moreover, thought must always go before the action, that is, thoughts should be guided in their activities.Sometimes the idea is much more than what people can expect from it.Hence the such a thing as magic thoughts.The magic lies in the fact that all psychological processes that occur in our heads, are so huge force that can control entire global processes.It remains only to learn how to use magic.

# 2

There are some rules, how to use magic.Before that, you must first feel it and feel within yourself, and believe in it quickly, because only a strong belief in something and brings it into operation.All thoughts are formed in our subconscious.They are based on our needs, life experiences and life situation.That is, any thinking appears as a result of a stimulus.Desire, hidden deep in us, manifest in our

actions, as a mediator between them will always remain our thinking.Believing in his power of thought, you can try to train him.Those people who have creative thinking, will be the easiest.

# 3

We must learn to draw in his mind the various pictorial images, pictures and so on.First you need to try to build in his head at the image of an unknown man with a very bright and unforgettable appearance.Think about the person you need for a certain amount of time.If in the near future will be able to meet a very similar person in real life, if everything goes according to plan.This will help in how to master the magic.In life you need to learn to be guided by his thoughts to actions.In any situation, you should be your wisdom.

# 4

Over time, the thinking must work better and better.Then you can already try to implement something from their desires.Maybe someone needed car or an apartment, and no money for that.It is very easy to want.In my head, you can scroll through your image, which is already going by car or live in her own apartment.Represent this should be in the most vivid colors, and even the smallest details.There are a lot of other things that can bring to life the magic of this.

# 5

How to return a loved one - is also very topical issue for many.True love, which lives in the human heart and makes it work thinking with particular intensity.Forming a distinct image of himself as a pair with a loved one, you need to store this image in my head.How much is hard to believe in, so quickly thoughts can materialize.For best effect is to write about the desire on a sheet of paper, and adding that he was ready for it to make any effort.The most important thing in this - believe in their thoughts.