How to make a wig out of the thread ?

How to make a wig out of the thread ?
You will need:
  • knitted hat
  • Threads
  • Eraser
  • Scissors
# 1

make the wig with your hands is very easy, but it will need to take special knitted hat thatand will be the base of the wig.It is best to take a hat, crocheted size of the head to the wig is not flew.Alternatively, you can use a nylon net with fine mesh.

# 2

So, how to make a wig out of thread on their own?In that case, if the wig is supposed to be a lush and straight hair, then it is necessary to use a multicolored acrylic yarn.And to the wig has been with wavy hair, it is best to use a twisted rope clothesline, which must be pre-paint in different colors.

# 3

not be enough to know how to make yourself a wig, because still need to learn how to put the wig hair to always look neat and beautiful.First you have to decide on the long "hair" on the wig, which cut off the thread field twice more than the length of the future of the wig.In order to make a bang thread should be done shorter.Then add up all the segments in half

and gently threaded through the thread in the hole, located on the cap-based.The loop at the fold threaded end of the thread and tighten.For this scheme is done and fringe.

# 4

It is equally important to know how to choose a wig to fit to the shape of the face.In the event that it was decided to make the wig with bangs, parting along the fixed strings are attached to all the holes, and then they can be arranged in a checkerboard pattern.Depending on how often are threaded, and it is determined by the volume of the wig, so the same can be reliably cover the base-cap.

# 5

It is very important to know how to wear a wig, because it is not so easy.To wig flew not to the head and a tight first series of threads has been fixed, it is necessary to attach a cap-base gum with the length rezinkidolzhna be such that tightly held on the head.

# 6

Once the wig is fully ready, it will be possible with scissors trim the length of the thread and gently comb the bangs.Also, many will be interested to know how to make a doll wig for yourself, to please his daughter, also a way you can save money, because now no need to buy a new doll.