How to make a chicken suit?

How to make a chicken suit?
You will need:
  • Yellow and red fabric
  • Scissors
  • Yellow tights
  • feather boa
  • knitted hat
# 1

suit chicken bought at the store, cancost you a pretty penny.But there is another option.Sew Suit yourself, so the question of how to make a chicken suit, relevant for many moms.The presented version of a chicken costume can be made in any size from infant to adult.It is easy to put on and take off, and very inexpensive to make.

# 2

Anyone who can operate a hot gun can make this outfit.Cut a slit in the large square of yellow material.The hole should be large enough so that you would be able to pass a child through her head.But not so much that the fabric slid from his shoulders.This method is to sew the chicken suit is very simple.And sew and do not need anything, it is sufficient to use a hot gun.

# 3

Pin feather boa in the square of felt.You can attach it only along the bottom edge, or mounted completely on the entire surface.From the material, cut the red triangle, to make it look

like a chicken crest on the head, and attach it to the cap.Glue the individual feathers on the rest of the cap.That's basically the end of the method, how to sew a chicken suit.

# 4

Put on the baby yellow tights or pants that looked like chicken legs.White tights can be painted in yellow color using a dye for fabric.It must be done in a day or two ahead of time, so that the fabric would have had time to dry.If you take a large piece of cloth, you can make quite a big suit, shoes to cover completely.

# 5

fabric work can take absolutely any quality on the basis of what you have in stock.Instead of cloth, you can use yellow or white hooded sweater.You do not need a hat.Sweater also declared feathers.Stockings are put on the bottom and yellow skirt or shorts, depending on the sex of the baby.Bottom also drawn battle of feathers.