How can I make a mermaid tail ?

How can I make a mermaid tail ?
You will need:
  • Very elastic fabric
  • Sewing threads for fabric color
  • flexible, thin plastic
  • Fine linen
  • gum Costume
# 1

Performing pattern.The easiest way is to put the future possessor mermaid tail spread out on a sheet of paper and cut around the contour of the body (hips and legs), and, feet should be firmly pressed against each other.They should be slightly apart.This is what would later suit does not restrict movement.On the sides of the pattern make allowance for two centimeters at the seams.Cut.

# 2

fabric is folded in half an equity line.We impose a pattern on the fabric and draw out a pencil or chalk.Cut.We get two halves of the tail.Sewing and finishing suit.We solve the question: how can we make the tail of a mermaid that he clung to the body and looks natural, like a second skin.This will require the laundry gum.

# 3

wraps elastic thigh future mermaid little tautly and cut the resulting cut.Likewise We perform this manipulation on her knees, calves, ankles.Cut ea

ch resulting cut in half.Pattern into two halves of the tail.Each leg elastics sewn to the fabric on the reverse side and the front part of the pattern on the back, slightly pulling the gum.

# 4

Accordingly, the hip longest gum, and then descending.Finally, grind the two halves of the tail on the wings.Perform mermaid fin costume.Cut the thin plastic fin shape, pre-drawing it directly on the plastic.Cut with tailoring can be large pair of scissors or a sharp knife.We continue to carry out the task of how to make a mermaid tail house.

# 5

Impose the resulting fin into two halves and draw out the fabric along the contour cut.Grind half of the fin from the inside, leaving one side is not stitched.We gut-wrenching and insert the plastic cutting into the workpiece.Sew the tail fin to the bottom of the base to the front portion.Stitched hem top and bottom of the product, which would not showered fabric.The belt gum paste.

# 6

decorate the tail beads, sequins, tinsel.There is already a fantasy works for each individual.For this costume fabric should be very extensible, as the jersey.Whatever movement is not hampered, and was free to go and sit.The fitting will give views of the gum, which are sewn inside the dress.