As of the thread make a flower ?

As of the thread make a flower ?
You will need:
  • little time
  • Zeal
# 1

Take some thread colors at your discretion, the main thing that they were bright and cheerful.You can take the floss.Be sure to cook the green - for sepals, stem and leaf parts.

# 2

Get some rubber fingertips.Inflate them to the size of the alleged colors and tightly tie, so they do not let out air.

# 3

For making the first flower, use the thread of bright color.Start wrap it around an inflated ball so that there were few empty seats.When you can handle the job, apply adhesive liberally and saturate their skin.We leave to dry the product.This is still nothing on earth like a lump of thread, do continue, we recommend, and you will understand how to make flowers out of thread.

# 4

thread When dry the glue, take the gypsy needle and pierce her ball.Pull out the scraps from under the rubber fingertip.Cut in the middle of cross-wise for the petals and bend them in different directions.At the edges slightly round off downwards.Here and ready t

o flower.The same needs to be done and with the thread of a different color.Take openwork braid and plastered its outer edge of the petals.

# 5

Prepare the wire, and twist in the form of a leaf shape at the bottom edge of the screw.Wrap the thread of green along the first frame, and then across.Of the several wires can make the stem, and then wrap it right color thread.

# 6

But the secret of how to make flowers out of thread, does not end there.There is another element in this forgery.Sepals produce as follows.On a polyethylene film is applied in a chaotic manner, and green thread smeared with glue.When it is dry, cut out the desired shape.

# 7

Putting our Flower: myself bud under him adhesive sepal, strung them on a stem with leaves.Optionally, you can decorate the interior of the bud stamen.To do this, take the foil or another paper floristic and tighten it around the wire.Edge smear glue and Macao dyed-semolina groats.Attach in the bud.