How to make a hat out of newspaper?

How to make a hat out of newspaper?
You will need:
  • Newspaper
  • Scotch Scissors
  • Jewellery
# 1

Newspaper - an extravagant material for the hood.To make a small cap, which will decorate the doll, take a sheet of paper or paper and fold it diagonally.I should get a triangle.Mentally divide the resulting figure into three equal parts, make creases.Angles that are bottom, fold the top and secure with glue stick.

# 2

On top of attach pompom.This hood can be decorated with the head of a self-made dolls, such as Santa Claus.The longer cover will then better.Very nice looks like a long, narrow hat with large pompom.To make a cap that is worn on the head, you will need a sheet of paper a little more.

# 3

For starters do a draft, that is the cap that you try on his head, and only then, on a sample, make a real carnival decoration of the newspaper, which can be supplemented with elements of papier-mache.If you spoil the caps, not scary, because a lot of newspapers.How to make a hat out of newspaper that he kept on his head?

# 4

Take a large newspaper page, scissors round off its foundation, and the edges are processed in a pattern so that it is easier to keep properly and not slid.newspaper page length should be equal to the circumference of your head in the place where you will be wearing a cap.Construct a model of the future cap on the paper before you cut a triangle by drawing the contours of a simple or cosmetic pencil.

# 5

In compiling the drawing, note that the edges are glued to each other, so make allowances for bonding of one centimeter on both sides of the figure.On one of the sides run out the small kinks to firmly glued to the sides of the triangle.If the cap came in size, connect the edges back to back, pre-glue missed them.Wait until the glue is dry, and remove its leftovers.

# 6

most important thing - to decorate the product.The hood of the paper can be decorated in many ways.For example, pre-age the newspaper with the help of tea, paste rhinestones, covered with a light cloth cap, organza or chiffon.Then it will not just cover the newspaper, and a work of art.Newspaper - quite fragile, easily flexible material, so all the elements for decoration should be very light.

# 7

If you want to make a cover for the fairies, attach the top star, and decorate with rhinestones edge products for fabrics that are sold in the shop fittings.If you need a long time to wear a cap on his head, sew or paste into the holes at the bottom of the elastic elastics.You can turn the cap in the original newspaper hat, decorate it the edge in its sole discretion and sew a pompon on top.In this cap you would not tell from the fairies at the festival.