How to make a hat out of newspaper?

How to make a hat out of newspaper?
You will need:
  • News list
  • Scissors
  • set staples
  • Clay
# 1

To make the cap of the newspaper page, it is first necessary to prepare all the necessary materialsfor work.To do this, you need to take a special sheet of newspaper the right size, to prepare a well sharpened scissors, set of clips, as well as to prepare a paste, which can also be required.If the future headdress is large, it is necessary to take a sheet of paper format A2, but you can use smaller formats, depending on the size of the cap.

# 2

first step is to take the prepared sheet of newspaper and put it on a flat surface, which will then carry out the process.It is best used as a surface of a large table on which to place all the necessary supplies.The newspaper should take the A2 format, but as already mentioned, you can use other formats.

# 3

is important to understand that before you make a hat out of paper, you must have certain skills and a clear understanding of the entire work process, otherwise the result m

ay not the one that was originally expected.After it had been prepared by the venue, and all items necessary for the process, we should take positioned on a table or any other surface of paper and gently fold it in half.

# 4

corners located on a bend in this case, it is necessary to bend the central part of the newspaper so that they converge in the middle.The strip, which is at the bottom, it is necessary to straighten twice, but not completely, but only half.Thereafter, should take lateral edges and wrap them.Further, what should be done is to take the sides of newsprint and fold them toward the center so that they are joined in the middle.

# 5

If the cap in the future will be designed for small children, the data side should not be connected in the middle and bend them so that the central axis, they were at a distance of one and a half to two centimeters.The greater the distance from the center, the smaller will be the future of the cap of the newspaper.It is at this stage it is possible to control the size of a hat.

# 6

If the cap at the end of the work will be either too big or too small, it is best to carefully expand the paper product, and again repeat this stage of selection.With regard to the lower strip is folded into two equal parts.And after this it is necessary to take corners and bend them well, it will help to create the right shape of the visor, which must in the end turn out triangular.

# 7

Lower Area, located on the reverse side, also need to bend and insert it into the so-called "pocket" to secure the bracket to the strip.At the end of the whole process, the cap should be spread carefully fasten lateral angles using staples or glue, align the corners and edges.If necessary, change the dimensions of the product, returning two points back.Now the cap is ready and can be used as a headdress.