How to make a mat ?

How to make a mat ?
You will need:
  • Sisal, jute, cane, coir
  • Painting
  • yarns or monofilament for stitching
  • Most tailor's needle
  • Kiyanka
# 1

Firstyou need to decide on the material.Selection of plants which are suitable for the manufacture of mats, is enormous.The most common, but also the least durable Reed said.Incidentally, it is made from cane traditional Japanese tatami.

# 2

considered the most durable fiber agave leaves and fibers of the coconut palm nuts.Jute - a genus of plants of linden family, has the strongest properties, it is used in the manufacture of mats not only for living but also for the office space.Also in the production of mats using cotton, rice, flax, hemp and algae.

# 3

Before you make a mat, you have to properly handle the material chosen by you.The most common plant stalks are dried, rolled, stretched, trying to give the best flexibility and material durability.But this is not the case, for example, rice stalks, of which weave mats immediately after harvest, and only t

hen dried in the sun.In this case, the mat will retain its pleasant aroma and extraordinary flexibility.

# 4

Before you begin work on woven mats, the resulting material should be painted in the desired color or material can be left unpainted.The simplest and most common type of weaving is considered to be trivial braid.Elongated fiber material woven into a normal braid of three ends.Weave try to do quite tight, it depends on the strength of the future product.

# 5

Spit must be continuous.In order to get a small rug, you need at least 5-7 meters.Before you make a mat of woven braids, you need to expand the whiplash on a flat surface and pierce it with a mallet.This procedure aligns and tightens the braid.And only after that you can start the crosslinking procedure.

# 6

For crosslinking using a large needle with a rounded sharp end.Threads of cotton used, can be replaced by fishing line.Particular attention should be paid to cross-linking of the end and the beginning of the mat, it depends on its future strength.Stitch usually two ways: butt and lap.

# 7

most commonly used cross-linking system overlap, such as the process is much easier, and the product of this only becomes stronger.Natural mats will give you enormous pleasure and a therapeutic effect.It sees this for more than one generation of people.