How to make a stuffed bird ?

How to make a stuffed bird ?
You will need:
  • Scalpel
  • sharp knife
  • Starch
  • Arsenic
  • Wire
# 1

To make stuffed birds need to pick up a copy of a clean feathers.After that, you need a sharp knife or scalpel to carry out the cut.This incision should extend from the brisket to the rear opening.Once the skin is separated laterally birds need to withdraw it through the holes into the paws, which are then cut in the knee joint.To maintain the purity of the feathers, they must be sprinkled with starch.

# 2

After that, you need to remove skins from the back.The tail, or rather its base should be cut and left caudal vertebrae.Then, you need to turn the skin stocking up the wings, and then cut off the wings and turn out to have a skin of the skull.How to make a stuffed bird, if prevent ear eye gnats and circle?Very simple.It is necessary to separate the skin of these areas of the head.Skull purified from muscle, brain, and eyes will be stuffed head.

# 3

Operations transection and screwing should be done very carefull

y to avoid damaging the pelt.When preparing stuffed using arsenic, which lubricates the skin and skull, which remain flexible.After removing the skin, you should take the necessary little things.So, in orbit need vdet pieces of wool.The entire skull, also envelop the thin layer of cotton wool, the skin is turned inside out.

# 4

Inside the trunk you want to insert a sturdy rod, one end of which is introduced into the foramen magnum, the other rests on the base of the tail.How to make a stuffed bird that it has turned round?You just need to follow this with taxidermy, and should be dried in paper cornets.Dirty areas should be washed with soap and water.

# 5

stuffed scarecrow need follows.The skin should be completely cleaned of fat and muscle residues, as they spoil the look stuffed.Skinned be specially treated alum and dry so that it remains soft.Under expected trunk put special wires, which should have a thickness equal to the bird itself.

# 6

In order to correctly fill stuffed, you need to prepare a dummy made of sawdust.On the mannequin wears skull and vdet in effigy wire, which is to be sharpened at both ends, is mounted on a mannequin.Stuffed poultry is necessary to fill with cotton, hemp or chips.