How to make candles from beeswax

How to make candles from beeswax
You will need:
  • special shape for the manufacture of candles
  • Knife
  • Wax
  • Pans
# 1

First of all it is important to find the right shape for the future a candle.Legche all for this approach such packaging, which is not a pity to throw away after use.As a rule, it cans or various thick-walled plastic bottles of creams or cosmetics.The walls and bottom of the form as it should you need to wash and dry, then brush them with soap or gel for washing dishes - it will help to get candle wax after solidification.In the center of the banks with the help of sewing make a hole for the subsequent fixing of the wick.

# 2

Fabricate it from twisted cotton threads.Threads tie up a pencil or a strip of cardboard and lay it along the surface of the can so that the thread hanging to the bottom of the form.At the same time, in order to solve the problem of how to make candles from beeswax, an important nuance is the length of the thread, which must be equal to the depth of the container.

# 3

Thereafter fragments or pieces of old candles, heat in a water bath.Incidentally, it is important to note that with paraffin candles this method does not work, suitable only natural wax candles.Wax water bath to bring to a liquid state, and then remove it from the plate and let stand for about five minutes.Then carefully pour the liquid wax into the prepared form, trying to fill the entire volume at a time.The wax will begin to solidify to form the edges to the center, while in the area around the wick forms a small depression in which to immediately fill a new portion of the wax.In addition to the complete solidification of the candles is important to have time to pierce the needle formed wax bubbles that sometimes appear due to too fast, or vice versa, too sluggish pouring wax into the mold.

# 4

In order to understand how to make candle wax, it is important to bear in mind that, depending on the size of your candle fully hardens after 24 hours.It is noteworthy that accelerate the solidification of the wax is not necessary, as it may crack due to the difference of temperature conditions.If you wish to make a colored candle in a container of wax at the stage of its warming up, you can add special dyes for candles or the multicolored sequins.The original solution is to use several kinds of dyes and glitter, and their subsequent alternation when filling forms wax.

# 5

If you want to create a work of art at home, you can not do horizontal and vertical colored layers.How to achieve this effect?This technique is a bit more complicated and the above instructions is as follows: heat the wax in different containers, each using its own dye, and then gently dipping narrow candle in each container in a queue, holding her by the wick.After each layer of the candle for a few seconds need be immersed in cold water it solidifies, whereby the layers are not mixed up.