How to dress from newspapers ?

How to dress from newspapers ?
You will need:
  • use newspapers
  • Adhesive tape, glue
  • dresses and live models
  • Sol
  • Stapler
# 1

cut from a newspaper strip 10 cm wide and foldfour times each strip longitudinally to make it thicker and therefore stronger.Of the two headlines on each shoulder dress shoulder straps make or model.Direct the band to the center of the chest at an angle of 45 degrees, turned to "V" neckline.Wrap a strip of paper around the neck or shoulders, making the neck.Fasten the ends of the strips with glue or a stapler.Now wrap the strip of paper at hand, so that the ends overlapped straps.Attach it to this newspaper page.

# 2

Prepare a solution of water and white glue.Add to it 2 tablespoons of salt.Long strips of newspaper into the lower mixture of glue and water.Attach them around the body, leaving the neck and the back of the nude.Use no more than four layers of newspaper.Give a little dry.Then cut along the back of the bodice with scissors.Punch holes on either side for lacing corset.Allow to

dry for another 24 hours.

# 3

Then keep adding vertical strips of newspapers, following the natural shape of the model or the shape of the dress.Some, not knowing how to dress from newspapers, making a gross error at this point.Always (!) Or the crosslinking bond the ends of the newspaper strips on the model.Then glue or sew the ends of newspaper strips together to increase the length of the dress.

# 4

can make pleated skirt.To do this, fold the sheet of newspaper in alternating opposite directions folds (in an accordion).Put thus, about twenty sheets.Then glue them, or connect the tape.Turned out to sew a skirt corset.Adhesive tape, seal the underside of the newspaper strips to reinforce the foundations of dress.This will help prevent newspapers gap.Apply strips of adhesive tape around the waist, neck and hem.Add another scotch on the wrong side of the dress at the break.

# 5

You can sew strips of newspapers together, not glue them or use a plastic film and a hot iron.Keep in mind that the newspaper leave black marks on your skin.Also, the newspaper can get damp, and the dress will fall apart after a few hours.How to make a dress from newspapers stronger?To do this, put on his coat layer (glue, paint).

# 6

dress costumes production will be easier if you have a friend who will help you.After the newspaper - the material is very fragile, and to cope with such a task almost impossible.Use glitter, stickers or other objects to decorate your dress and make it unique.Do not forget that a dress made of paper afraid of water, heat and sudden movements.It should be especially careful to wear, if you do not want your work gone in vain.