How to make your own bracelet ?

How to make your own bracelet ?
You will need:
  • Satin ribbon width of 3-5 centimeters
  • Nonwoven adhesive or crinoline
  • beads, stones or beads, clasp
  • bead needle and thread monofilament
# 1

To begin, measure the desired length.Then, cut two pieces of satin ribbon about two centimeters more than they need you.Both pieces, seal interlining, one will face, and the other - purl.On the front side of the draw silver or gold gel pen conceived pattern.Be sure to note when drawing seam allowances: 1-2 cm - on the sides and 0.5 cm - top and bottom...

# 2

Try not to go over the line when embroidering.If you want to use the stone, then simply attach a pencil and draw around it.On the underside of the bracelet secure the thread in place of stone fixing.Then print it on the front side, on a sketch of the stone line.Dial needle on 5 beads.Insert the needle through the gap, which is equal to the width of a single beads.Again, print the needle on the face and repeat.

# 3

Do this until the entire range will not be trimmed.If th

e stone high edge, then dial 6-7 beads.After you have closed the circle, print the needle through the first 3 beads.In educated circles attach stone.Type 2 beads, holding a finger gently rock and run the needle through the highest bead lying in the next column.

# 4

Close the circle, picking up the one, the two beads.Here you are almost, and learned how to make your own bracelet.Tighten the thread to secure the stone.Do not hurry.Once you have finished the circle, go over it again (if the holes in the beads allow) to secure the braid stone.Then the figure mark the main lines and sew large beads.

# 5

If you figure something is not liked, then fix it by adding the necessary details.Try not to alter too often: the tape may become soft, and it would be inconvenient to embroider.Then sew beads background and stack piece embroidered face to face with the seamy side.Seam back needle sew by hand edge of the bracelet.The seam should lie close to the beads.

# 6

How do the original bracelet?Remove the bracelet on the front side and gentle pressure with your fingers align the resulting seam.Then the second edge of your band then sew a hidden stitch.In the same process the seam side of the bracelet.If necessary, add decorations and sew lock.The original bracelet is ready!