How to sew a gypsy blouse ?

How to sew a gypsy blouse ?
You will need:
  • Pattern blouses
  • piece of fabric
  • sewing machine
  • Coins
  • Beads
# 1

traditional national gypsy costume for women consists of jackets and wide skirt.On the shoulders taken throw colorful scarf or shawl.The presence of a variety of jewelry made of silver or gold is an integral part of the appearance of a gypsy.Gypsy jacket must be cut free, preserve freedom of movement so that you can raise your arms without any restrictions.

# 2

To achieve this effect in the sleeves are made slots, and the length and width can be any.Gypsy blouse tied behind and always closes the stomach.The upper part of the suit, as well as the skirt is decorated with coins, beads, fringe.Have you wondered how to sew a gypsy blouse?Study material is provided, and this process will not cause difficulties.

# 3

find any a pattern blouse with a set sleeve.The collar and sleeves make sweaters in the form of a double flounce.Cloth gypsy jackets stretching is better to take, such as stretch or supplex

, then will not have restricted movement in dance.If there is no suitable material, sew from the fact that it is, but then I will have to make cuts under the arms.Draw a pattern matching the pattern on the fabric using chalk or a sharpened piece of soap.

# 4

Cut parts.Baste jacket future, keep in mind that you need to sew a sleeve to the elbow.With the help of a sewing machine needle and thread sew a blouse.Cut out fabric patterns flounces on the sleeves and neck - must turn the strip over the width of the sleeves and the neck twice.Deal with overlock edges and sew the product.

# 5

gypsy jackets often have a belt sewn to the blouse, you can also do it from the rest of the material.The final stage in the creation of Gypsy sweaters is decoration products.Contrary to public opinion, the Roma eschew bright colored accessories to clothing.Bright colors can be fabric, but not jewelry.

# 6

on his costume sewn ornaments of gold, silver, copper shades.Sew to the jacket coins, after making holes in them, or use different beads with a metallic sheen.The decoration can be sewn sweaters symmetrical fringe or special necklaces on the neck, which can be purchased at specialty stores.