How to make a stuffed fox ?

How to make a stuffed fox ?
You will need:
  • Fox
  • Edged Knife
  • Wire
  • Vata
  • care and attention
# 1

Fox - indescribably beautiful animal.His unusual color, from red to black, attractive fur and fluffy tail, it is very interesting for hunters.Fox skins used to make chic coats.Stuffed Fox is the original interior decoration.Independently produce animal and create from it a scarecrow - is not a reason to be proud of yourself?How to make a stuffed fox?It is necessary to understand all the nuances and have on hand the necessary tools

# 2

Firstly, examining the carcass, you must verify the integrity of the hair and skin.Next, carefully remove the skin with a fox.This process requires the utmost caution.Well sharpened knife, starting from the anus and the shoulder, on the abdomen, the skin incision.By separating the skins from the muscles, joints cut.Next, you need to release from the skeletal foundations of the tail and remove the first skin from the back and sides, and then expose and cut the limbs remaining joints.

# 3

Thoroughly cleaned the remains of muscle, fat and film.Of the head, her long boil and clean the skull.How to make a scarecrow?Skins should be treated in a specially prepared solution consisting of allyuminekalievyh alum and salt in a ratio of one to three.Carefully rubbed sandpaper and Gulf solution to the tail, peel left for two days.At this time, you can start preparing the framework or basis on which to stretch skin.

# 4

It can be made of different materials - this wire, and wool or tow;wood, gypsum, plastic.The main thing in its manufacture comply with the proportions and size of a fox.the skin of the solution knead, rinse well and wipe dry with a towel.The process of taxidermy is best to start with the extremities.Skin on a mannequin wearing fur outside.Using cord seam start to sew from her chest.To give a natural expression fox muzzle under his upper lip enclose clay.Parting tweezers eyelids, eyes pressed into the eye sockets.

# 5

fingers straightened, a strip of construction paper and put on the ears pierced.Now you need to fix the resulting stuffed on a stand and leave for drying.Once stuffed dried (after three weeks), it is necessary to correct, for example, to tint the lips, gums, tongue.In the paint applied clearcoat.Scarecrow ready.Thus, the process of making stuffed fox, in fact, is not particularly difficult, but rather calls for caution, care and accuracy!