How is the ceremony of baptism?

How is the ceremony of baptism?
You will need:
  • Silver cross
  • Baptismal outfit
  • new towel
  • Flip
  • Money
# 1

In the life of every believer's baptism - a landmark event.According to the teachings of the Orthodox Church, the sacrament of baptism symbolizes the spiritual birth.Often not even very religious people decide to baptize their child.And that kid rite of baptism was held with dignity and do you remember for a lifetime, you need to very seriously and thoughtfully approach the organization of this important event.

# 2

Select a church or temple, which will be held the ceremony of baptism.In most cases, you need to book in advance, and it is better to do so no later than one week before the appointed day.By the way, you can immediately bring the documents on the basis of which you will be given a certificate of baptism (godparents passport and birth certificate of the child).

# 3

How is the ceremony of baptism?To begin, decide who will be the godparents.It is a difficult choice - they must not only profess t

he Orthodox faith, but rather a clear idea of ​​how the ceremony of baptism, and what an enormous responsibility before God and himself godson they assume.It is desirable that the recipients of pre-communion and confession, or at least had a talk with a priest.

# 4

According to church canons, godparents can not be spouses, or people intending to marry each other.Everything you need for the ceremony is better to buy in advance.You will need a cross, a special towel (called kryzhma) and baptismal shirt.If your child is already out of infancy, still need flip-flops and a new sheet.

# 5

Of course, you want to the ceremony of baptism has remained imprinted on the photos or use video.But remember - before using the camera, you must ask for permission and blessing from the priest.

# 6

Day of Baptism - a big celebration, a memorable date in your baby's life.In Russia, it has long been taken to celebrate the christening of fun - guests were served baptismal porridge, and the child and the mother gave gifts.By tradition, the ceremony of baptism is payable godfather and godmother bought a child cross and baptismal outfit.Another ancient custom - to give your child to the christening silver spoon.