How to take communion ?

How to take communion ?
You will need:
  • desire to understand his inner world
  • desire to pull out all the bad out
  • careful consideration of their actions
  • book Archimandrite John the Krestyankin
  • time to read prayers

There are certain rules that must be followed to a good intention, right start to the holy sacraments of confession and communion.Confession precedes a Communion.Without confession, communion only babies.By the sacrament of confession starts Orthodox Christian (baptized necessarily) approximately seven years, that is from the moment of awareness of bad deeds, namely sin.

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confession is made to God, but a mediator in this sacrament is the priest, who is endowed with the power of God to forgive and resolve the sins committed by man.Only people with the blessing of the priest after confession is admitted to Communion.By familiarizing Confession and Holy Communion man can be approached at least once a year and no more than once a day.

# 3

first Christians received Communion daily.To sta

rt the Cup with the Blessed Sacrament is only possible on an empty stomach.That is, if you intend to receive communion at the morning Mass, then after midnight you do not eat and do not drink.As the communion of the church?In preparation for Communion Every Orthodox Christian is obliged to prepare for confession, fasting not only solid, but also the spiritual at this time.

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strictness of fasting and prayer to better determine the amount of the priest, which you are going to confess.Usually during fasting before Communion person refuses Skoromniy products: meat, dairy, eggs, alcohol, smoking on the opportunity.T his makes it possible to purify physically preparing spirit.It is very important to strengthen the prayers in the days of training, particularly paying attention to the reading of the canons and penitential Psalms, which makes it possible to set up to the spirit of true repentance.

# 5

Please remember that in the days of fasting (Lent), you must do the works of charity and assistance to others more often, and be sure to be reconciled with all of whom were at odds, forgiven and asked for forgiveness from them.How to partake of the Holy Mysteries of Christ, we can learn from the Orthodox literature.

# 6

During the preparation for confession, try to retire and carefully write down the sins (the list can be found in prayers), that you have made to itself in confession not to get lost and do not forget to try nichego.Obyazatelno Communion as often as possible to visitin the temple to worship., especially in the evening before and on the day itself Communion.

# 7

According to Church Charter liturgical day begins with evening service on it's better in the evening and confession the priest.In the morning, the day of the liturgy must be neatly dressed, appropriately, and advance to come to the temple to venerate the icons slowly, put candles, submit notes to the health and repose and peace to take place before the start of the service.To all treated reverently, humbly, with trepidation.

In this passage, the priest TV to answer questions about the preparation of man for communion.