How is the service in the church ?

How is the service in the church ?
You will need:
  • Church
  • priest
  • Belief in God
  • knowledge of behavior in church rules
  • Beneficial location
# 1

And now all in order.Church services or social services - is the main purpose of all the temples.Every day, held the evening, morning and afternoon services and each one consists of three types of services.Thus it turns out that the day of worship is held 9 that are repeated every day, so these are called daily service of the daily cycle.

# 2

semidmichny There is also a cycle of services - a sequence of services, repeated within 1 week (Week 1).There are services that are carried out once a year, they are called yearly.The church bell calls all believers to the temple to pray, but it is better to come to the church in advance to have time to start service to venerate the icon, the remembrance book, put the candle.

# 3

Women should wear to church dress or skirt, be sure to come with his head covered, and it is desirable not to use cosmetics.Men, on the contrary, must un

cover his head, entering the temple.If you have a desire to participate in the liturgy, it is better to know in advance how the service in the church.

# 4

Entering the temple, you should cross himself three times and worship.As soon as the service began, should stand in the same place.The service itself - it is the prayers and hymns, performed by a priest who often helps the church choir.Of these hymns Christians learn about the life of Christ and his disciples, believers in prayer to thank the Lord.

# 5

During the service, you can not walk around the temple, you can not talk, you have to stand there and listen carefully to everything that says the priest.Sitting only allowed seriously ill people, the rest can only sit during the reading of some prayers.If you missed the beginning of the service, it is necessary to enter the temple and join the worshipers.

# 6

But Orthodox Christians celebrate the most important part of the service, such as the Six Psalms, Gospel, during which entry is prohibited: to be left at the door, waiting for the end of these prayers.Leaving the temple during the service - a great sin.If you see someone of your friends at the time, as there is a service in the church, relying only nod his head, shake hands in the forbidden temple.

# 7

Duration worship any canons are not limited to, the service can last from 1.5 to 3 hours.Orthodox Church attaches great importance to any prayer, but it is believed that it is the faithful gathered congregational prayer has the greatest power.In addition to the daily, semidmichnogo and the annual range of worship, the church also held services, referred to requires that the means for Christians needs.These include baptism, prayer services, weddings, funerals, memorial services, etc.