As the church refers to psychics ?

As the church refers to psychics ?
You will need:
  • Knowledge Bible
  • understanding of the working procedures of psychic
  • Getting Acquainted with the rules and essence of prayer cleaning up
# 1

studying the Bible story, we can get acquainted with the fact,that after the coming of Christ on earth, people would open a lot of the sacraments of God and the salvation of humanity.In the description of the coming of the Son of the Lord God we are introduced to the wise men, which represented the world of science, magic and astronomy at the time.They came to worship to the Divine Infant, and when he saw Jesus, came to the conclusion that s one of the latest mysteries of the world is open.

# 2

After the vision of the Son of God, they have not returned to their activities, ie. To. Their work has lost the meaning of every kind.In a sign of how their lives changed after the appearance of Christ, their power and now rest in the Cologne Cathedral.In the description of the life of Jesus we can learn many other facts as changed men aft

er meeting him.Christ was sent by the Lord God for the salvation of mankind, and fulfilled his mission with their lives.

# 3

If a person understands the nature of the appearance of Christ on earth, the knowledge of the meaning of the events of the future, that predict psychics, lose all but the meaning and leads the soul of the believer from God.Psychics who call themselves magicians, enchanters, sorcerers and healers, if are not charlatans, communicate with otherworldly forces, the world of the dead.It is always punished by the Christian church, t. To. Diverted man from the immortal soul salvation in drowning in sin, passions, vices.

# 4

Thus we get an answer to the question: "How the church refers to psychics"?- Negative and poritsayusche.When communicating with his spiritual director on this subject, you will definitely get a warning from communicating or treating a psychic.Church warns his congregation from this sin.Priests and believers doctors familiar with many examples of the disastrous communication and treatment of people at the magicians, sorcerers and healers.After visiting okultista people may feel significant relief.

# 5

But after 2-6 months, and sometimes years, he feels the return of a disease or problem on a larger scale.There are also cases when compounded not only of disease, but also the situation in the family, business and other aspects of our lives.Church warns about the possible adverse effects of communication with psychics for later generations of man.Psychics and church - incompatible concepts, but repented, a psychic can get rid of sin.When you return to the psychic activity of man sins again.

# 6

Many may argue that were also healers, prophets ... Yes, these church leaders have always been and there are today among the church leaders, but they help a person get rid of sinful thoughts and devilry.St. Seraphim of Swarovski, for example, is always lit a candle, knelt down and called for a joint prayer of the man who asked him for help.Swarovski Lord called "single doctor and healer of souls and bodies."

# 7

Today otchitki practiced prayer, the prayer does the priest blessed bishop.When exorcism spell-read prayers that are expelled from a man fallen spirits.The prayer service is held only in special cases, when the human will eventually own enslaved demons.Mass otchitki not effective prayer must be performed only by experienced priest over one parishioner.Healing the soul at exorcism takes place only by means of prayer, without the involvement of supernatural forces.

This passage tells about the TV view of the Church of psychics and astrologers.