First aid for insect bites

First aid for insect bites
You will need:
  • Calm
  • kit
  • phone physician
  • Antihistamines
# 1

Beetles.For a person a danger sinekryl, Meloidae and shirt.Their genitals emit toxic secrets that fall on the skin crush and cause dermatitis.A possible poisoning if swallowed.

# 2

Track.The caterpillars of some butterflies, such as the silkworm or Moth, can cause a person local skin lesions.The hairs that covered the caterpillar's body, are toxic, they contain secret secreted venom glands of the skin.In contact with the skin, they cause itching, the appearance of redness, when combing possible ulcers.Contact hairs in the eye provokes conjunctivitis, and contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth ends stomatitis.

# 3

Spiders.All spiders have venom glands, but the danger to humans only are individuals capable to bite through the skin.These include the Black Widow and Tarantula.Yad karakurt quickly affects the central nervous system, in 5-10 minutes there is a rapidly spreading acute pain.The victim appears irratio

nal fear, it becomes difficult to stand, increased body temperature and blood pressure.Without medical care so the bite can lead to death.The danger of a tarantula bite exaggerated, painful reaction is observed only in the area of ​​the bite.For removal of inflammation it is recommended to apply a compress with a solution of magnesium sulfate and give the victim drink plenty of liquids.

# 4

Wasps and bees.Widespread and pose a threat to both yadosoderzhaschie insects.Especially dangerous hornets, wasps and bees.Their stinging apparatus consists of acidic and alkaline glands, which are connected to the sting.Wasps easily go on the offensive and sting at the injection site burning pain occurs.Quickly arise swelling and inflammation, pain go away after a few hours or days.The most severe consequences of the bite causes the mucous membranes.Good effect for pain is cold.Bees are less aggressive than wasps, they rarely attack away from the hive.But near him attacked by a swarm.Soreness at the site of the bite are the same as the bite of wasps.The severity depends on the number of bites and the area affected.Perhaps the appearance of intoxication.It is necessary to remove the tip and wash the wound with alcohol.Pain will help to reduce ice and Goulard.The most severe consequences may be, if the victim is allergic to bee stings, then it may be swelling of the throat.In severe cases, an urgent need to go to the doctor.

# 5

Therapies.In addition to the natural reaction to a sting, which runs for several days, and there is a severe allergic reaction that can lead to anaphylactic shock, threatening the victim lives.In such cases, first aid for insect bites should be provided by qualified personnel.

# 6

serious condition requires emergency treatment in a medical facility.Discovering the bite, you need to remove the stinger if necessary.Then wash the bite antiseptic hydrogen peroxide, or with a weak solution of potassium permanganate salt solution.Apply to the bite of the cold, it will help reduce the swelling and ease pain.

# 7

Give the victim drink plenty of liquids, and antihistamines, for example, suprastin, Claritin or tavegil.Then carefully monitor the condition of the victim, in case of worsening transport it to the doctor.Children and older people need to show the doctor regardless of the reaction to the bite.

# 8

need to carefully monitor the insects in the vicinity.Dress in the woods headpiece ensure that if a wasp in a jam hit.And be on the safe side in the medicine cabinet antihistamines, then clash with the insects and bugs will not cause you much trouble.