First aid for a hangover

First aid for a hangover
You will need:
  • acidic juice
  • Brine
  • Antipohmelinovye tablets
  • silence in the apartment
# 1

Paradoxically, doctors refer to the state of hangover as a boon, which teacheshuman control your desire to drink.But people are not easy to give up, and the benefit is trying to cheat.

# 2

simple tips on how to avoid a hangover: Do not drink when hungry;drink in a state of extreme fatigue - instantly be intoxicated.If you have low blood pressure often - before the use of alcohol, drink a small cup of coffee, or the first stack of alcohol risks being the last.It is advisable before the meal to eat a sandwich with caviar and butter.Adipose film covers the stomach and prevent it at any time from the aggressive impact of alcohol.Do not mix drinks: started with vodka - do not change it!Alcohol does not wash down with soda water.Gas bubbles help to accelerate the process of assimilation of alcohol, and not quench thirst.The room should be aired, t. To. The stale air provokes headaches, nausea and r

apid intoxication.Control yourself, do not get drunk to unconsciousness.

# 3

If all these tips during a party were safely forgotten - in the morning you will inevitably think about how to overcome hangover.Do the following: in the evening put on the table antipohmelinovye pills, only do not take sleeping pills at night, it is very dangerous.Drink more water at night (several glasses).They are able to alleviate some of the morning meal.The next day after the feast of unloading do - anything fried, salty, milk or fat.

# 4

Drink fruit juices (acid).No strong coffee or tea!Treat humanely to the liver and heart, they are before and got so tight.If no appetite - you can eat beef broth or aspic.Take a warm shower in the morning and immediately after drink a glass of tomato, orange or grapefruit juice.You can also enjoy a cucumber or cabbage pickle, is the first aid for a hangover, proven for centuries.

# 5

bad helps yoghurt - yogurt, kefir, ayran, or dance;not pohmelyatsya alcohol.If there is a power - take a walk on the street;if you are very bad - put on calves mustard plasters on his head and put the ice just otlezhus.

# 6

fight with a hangover in other countries.In China, prefer to drink strong tea zёleny;Turks, Romanians and Mexicans eat salty greasy soup with giblets, sour cream and garlic.Americans drink a raw egg, seasoned with vinegar sauce and tomato juice in Germany eat pickled herring with onion, Japanese - pickled plum.In Mongolia, you can recommend to try a couple of pickled sheep's eye in tomato sauce.