How to withstand stress ?

How to withstand stress ?
You will need:
  • Good nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Good mood
  • Vacation
# 1

Stress disrupts the body.This fact is known to all.But he begins his fight against us, slowly, slowly.First, we feel an incredible fatigue.Sleep becomes superficial, having insomnia, frequent headaches, loss of appetite.The person becomes irritable, prevail over him negative emotions.Stress then, gathering strength, begins to attack our immune system, heart, stomach, etc.Rides pressure, there is pain, a person becomes a direct target for infections.So do not assume that the usual stressful environment as familiar and for your body, it is necessary to know how to resist and fight stress.

# 2

First of all you need good nutrition: to maintain your health, you have to force yourself to eat at least 3 times a day.Meals should be balanced.It is not forbidden to indulge themselves with chocolate.But beware: some people try to stick stress.As a result, - scored kilograms, depression, does not help to avoid stress.

# 3

Give up bad habits.When you're under stress, your body even more prone to fracture.Alcohol, nicotine, drugs can provoke the emergence of new diseases.Of course, stress is necessary to win, but not the means that can cause deterioration of your condition.

# 4

To avoid serious consequences, you need daily long walks in the fresh air.Even at lunchtime exit breathe on the street, literally 10-15 minutes.But, of course, should make a walk away from the highways.It is advisable to visit the park or just walking through the deserted courtyards.

# 5

Engage in physical activity.Take charge to make it a rule every morning.And during the working process to arrange a few minutes for the office gym.Thus, you will help your body get rid of the accumulated negative energy and positive emotions.But do not immediately take the back-breaking load.Begin with light exercise, gradually increasing their complexity.Most importantly, the lessons should be regular.Also, do not forget to ventilate the room, to saturate your body with oxygen.

# 6

warn the effects of stress can help the tears and laughter.Do not hold back his emotions.Otherwise, negative thoughts will attack your body from the inside, and positive just burn up.If you feel sad and want to cry on, close the door, stay alone with yourself, turn the sad music and cry bitterly.You will feel like an invisible severity falls off your shoulders.

# 7

And do not ignore the positive emotions!Go with friends to the cinema, theater, humorous performance - laugh heartily.Forget about all the problems that are left at home or at work.You and your body needs rest.Allow it to gather strength and do not make it to work on the hidden reserves.

# 8

If you feel completely exhausted, take a vacation.Most often, the staff refused to write a statement, because they believe that it is not right to leave the workplace.The cause may be an approximation of the annual report, important meetings, and more.It is important to understand this point, the body will not only work for a long time because your director pursues his personal goals.The body breaks down, any disease and you will find yourself in the hospital.