As the baby vomit ?

As the baby vomit ?
You will need:
  • Fingers
  • Sol
  • Soap
# 1

If you want to induce vomiting in a child, then, most likely, he somehow poisoned and have to withdraw from thethe body's toxic substances.Also, the reason can serve as overeating, nausea, or eaten something stale or suspicious.In any case, it is necessary to induce vomiting, if the child has used certain toxic substances: medicines, which takes time to dissolve, berries, poisonous plants, alcoholic beverages.It is necessary that at the time of the call vomiting child was fully conscious (talking, open your eyes, walking, standing).If the child is adopted or foaming alkaline substance, kerosene or gasoline, benzene or stain remover begins to fall into drowsiness or unconscious, in that case do not waste your time to learn how to induce vomiting, and quickly call an ambulance.

# 2

To induce vomiting in a child, it is necessary to thrust two fingers into his mouth and try to penetrate deeper into their throats.At this time, the child should be put

belly down on the couch or bed so that his head hung down.Save this position until the end of the gag reflex.If possible, you need to stick your fingers deep into the throat of a child and a little move them - so it is better to throw up.It is necessary that the child vomited several times, because once is not enough - the stomach does not have time to clean.Push your fingers firmly and quickly otherwise the child may bite.

# 3

As a child vomit if he is old enough.You can give him a glass of water, to which add 1 spoonful of salt (tablespoon) or soap, so that the water foamed.It will emetic.Once the child throw up, you need to get him to drink another glass of the solution and then induce vomiting.Sometimes the child to drink enough warm water in large amounts, and in case of poisoning - milk.Vomiting can cause manganese solution.In a liter of warm water add potassium permanganate, to make a weak solution to pale pink, and baby drink.