First aid for a pinched nerve

First aid for a pinched nerve
You will need:
  • Analgesics
  • Vitamins group B
  • Warming ointment
# 1

human nervous system, in spite of the complexity of the arrangement and intricacy, very functional, and diagnose relatedher disease can only neurologist.Pinching every nerve in a region can lead not only to bear the severe pain, but also disrupt its function.The reasons are many nerve entrapment.

# 2

Basically this phenomenon begins in the area of ​​the spine when there is a displacement or destruction of intervertebral discs, which act as natural shock absorbers under load.In some diseases or overly strong physical exertion wheels start to pinch the nerve root extending from the spine, and there are a lot of pain.

# 3

Typically, such changes may be caused by the deposition of salts in the spine, congenital spine structure, physical exertion, hypothermia, hormonal changes and acute diseases.If you have severe pain, the question is how to define a pinched nerve.The nature of pain is determined depending on where i

t was pinched.

# 4

If a sensitive nerve, the pain is characterized by burning nature, paroxysmal, shooting, stabbing.If discriminated against cervical nerve, the pain is felt in the neck and head movement, passing along the hand and forearm to the fingertips.If pinched thoracic nerve, it is impossible to bend over and breathe.

# 5

infringement violates the motor nerve muscle treatment, and in this case the very muscle atrophy and dry.Pinching autonomic nerves adversely affect the performance of the blood vessels and internal organs.Only the X-ray examination of the spine can give a complete picture of the disease.

# 6

First aid for a pinched nerve.It is necessary to take painkillers, lie on a hard surface.Call your doctor at home.Treatment for a pinched nerve can be conservative or surgical.When conservative treatment assigned different analgesic drugs, injections of vitamin B12 and E.

# 7

is mandatory appointed by rubbing with ointments to bee or snake venom.Excellent results provide physiotherapy: UHF, electrophoresis with analgesics.Displaying a spa treatment.In the case where the conservative treatment fails, the physician may be assigned surgery.