How to help get rid of obsessive habits?

How to help get rid of obsessive habits?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Feeling
  • stroke techniques for diverting attention from the object of habit
# 1

Obsessive habits, not as safe as it seems.Tell the person that you see him obsessive attachment to any action.Ask him if he believes their usual activities atypical for most people.In this case there is no guarantee that people immediately give up their addiction.Having stated the problem, you only begin the process of recovery of the psychological personality.

# 2

create circumstances in which a person can not simply repeat the usual steps for him.For example, in a playful tone, Call his soul mate in the bedroom.This would deprive his or her possibility to check before going to bed, everything is in the kitchen windows closed.Violation of the usual scenario also contributes to the gradual displacement of the need for the implementation of compulsive action.

# 3

addict Show your support to help emuizbavitsya bad habits.Gradually, this should significantly reduce its interest

in breaching a particular action.

# 4

If the behavior of a loved one is dangerous to others or to himself, immediately take him to a professional consultation to the psychologist.First, of course, can be attributed to oddities in the behavior of any person that "everyone has their cockroaches", but if these "cockroaches" threaten any kind of danger, then it ceases to be funny.Explain the dependent person, which, although it may not be aware of the danger of their actions, however, it is the place to be;You love him and sincerely want to help save him from the obsessive habits.

# 5

Tell relatives and closest friends on the dependence of the one you love.If you help him by joint efforts, it will be much more effective.

# 6

Show addict that getting rid of the obsession will bring him nothing but advantages.Do not be aggressive and cutting;on the other hand, talk calmly and confidently.

# 7

Try to make the way you man himself wanted to get rid of their addiction - this is the strongest motivation.