How to treat a black eye in a child?

How to treat a black eye in a child?
You will need:
  • Sol
  • Warmer
  • Drugstore means
  • Bow
  • Iodine
# 1

Warming.Black eye is a very unpleasant phenomenon, which spoils the appearance.But it can be quickly get rid of using one of the funds presented below.Get rid of the bruise and the yellowness is possible by means of warming.It is warm in the pan salt, fold it in a sock and add it to a hematoma on the half hour.A similar effect can be achieved using a simple hot-water bottle.

# 2

Drugstore funds.Doctors at the question of how to treat a black eye, recommend the use of pharmaceutical ointments, gels and creams, such as Arnica, troksevazin, bruising the OFF, Lioton, heparin ointment, "Gepatrombin-gel", "indovazin", "Fastum-gel" andother.You can also use the cream, which is composed of Rutin, hirudin, chestnut extract.Not bad with a black handle and its consequences pepper patch.

# 3

compress onion, honey and plantain.Reflecting on how to remove the yellowness after a bruise, you can resort to the compression of the oni

on, honey and plantain.It is necessary to prepare the onion mush, add it dry plantain and a little honey, warm the mixture in a water bath and use as a compress three times a day for 2 hours.Typically, the next day hematoma become much smaller and it can mask the cosmetics.

# 4

Iodine.If the question: "How do I remove bruises from injections" remains relevant, it is necessary to use such a tool available as iodine.It is necessary for a few days in the evening to do at the injection site iodized mesh.This tool will improve the blood flow to the bruise, and he will resolve much more quickly.However, iodine should not be used if there are problems with the thyroid gland.

# 5

Garlic tincture.Many people in my life experienced such unpleasant phenomenon as bruises on the legs.How to get rid of this scourge knows not everyone, but you can use garlic tincture.For its preparation will need to grind in a bowl 2 heads of garlic, pour 0.5 liters.A 6% vinegar and infuse 24 hours.The finished tincture should rub the bruises twice a day.

# 6

Ice.On the question of how to put a bruise, every answer, but how to cope with the consequences of stroke, not everyone knows.To bruise did not have to be treated, it should be prevented.This can be done, if at the point of impact put ice.Thus, the swelling will subside and resolve the bruise.Hematoma on the face - a rather unpleasant sight, which should get rid of as quickly as possible.And one of the above funds will certainly help, more importantly to use it in time.