How to clean the body after smoking ?

How to clean the body after smoking ?
You will need:
  • Decisiveness
  • Water
  • Multivitamin Complex
  • Calcium
# 1

Water, water and more water again!It is no secret that water - a universal drink: it cleans and restores the body dehydrated smoking.For a taste you can add the water a little lemon juice, besides some believe that it enhances its beneficial properties.If you just drink the water you do not like - try to add it little by little, for example, in the form of ice, it helps cleanse the body after smoking.And do not forget to drink a cup of water for each allowing yourself to a cup of coffee.

# 2

Adherents of both alternative and traditional medicine agree that smoking seriously affects the body's ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.Multivitamin Complex should become a mandatory part of your cleansing program.

# 3

Introducing the calcium in your diet, you can help restore the lack of missing many kurilshikov microcell.

# 4

Maybe you're not ready for a marathon, but even small physical load will increase

the level of oxygen in the body and strengthen the cardiovascular system.Classes are also favorably affect pototodelenie and increase fluid intake.Take walking or swimming - start with small distances, all the time, increase the load to clear the lungs after smoking.

# 5

Sweating - the best natural cleansing mechanism.Together with the sweat from the body toxins out - whether you are sitting in a sauna or sweat during exercise, sweating frees your body from accumulated over years of smoking harmful substances.

# 6

Main aware of purification - is to increase the water potrebleleniya and heavy breathing.Breathe more.Drink more.Sweat more.

# 7

purchasing a multivitamin, consult with a specialist.We need special high-quality products.

# 8

engaged in sports, be careful not to cause harm.Contact your doctor for advice.Do not drink the water "by force."8 glasses a day is enough.Upretreblenie Excessive water can only do harm.