How to define a dislocation or fracture ?

How to define a dislocation or fracture ?
You will need:
  • victim with a dislocated or fractured leg
  • ability to provide first aid
  • Care
# 1

fractures are open and closed.Fracture is considered open if the skin is damaged bone fragments or on the visible damage in the form of scratches, abrasions.Closed fractures are not accompanied by skin lesions.

# 2

fracture symptoms are a sharp pain areas of trauma, total disruption of the function of the affected limb (inability to perform any movement), the change in the length or shape of the limb.The fracture site develops swelling.Damage to blood vessels and nerves sharp bone fragments.In the case of vascular injury hemorrhage occurs, pale limbs.

# 3

Before you define a dislocation or fracture, it is necessary to know what is a dislocation.Dislocation - a damaged joint.When the dislocation occurs in bones adjoining joint displacement cavity, wherein one of the bones of the joint cavity exits.Dislocation is considered complete when between the articular ends of the bones are no

partial contact.A partial dislocation, when there is a partial contact between the articular ends of bones.

# 4

signs of dislocation are complaints victim to a sharp pain in the joint, partial or total disruption of its function.With this injury, you need to carefully inspect the area of ​​the joint.Dislocation is accompanied by a change in shape of the joint, a sharp retraction (strain) joint area.Lower or upper extremity can be bent into a damaged joint and take aside.After 3-4 hours after the dislocation in the area of ​​the damaged joint tissue swelling occurs, the blood is collected, making it difficult to reposition

# 5

How to dislocation.When dislocations almost always does not change the shape affected limb.At the turn is very often changes the length and shape of the limb, as compared with healthy.Another feature is a dislocation due to the inability to straighten the limb resistance in the joint.

# 6

pain fracture extends to the entire surface of the affected limb.And when the pain is dislocation center in the injured joint.First aid and dislocation, and fracture - Ensuring immobility of a limb or other body part of the damaged transport the injured to hospital.