How to treat a strong bruise finger in the campaign ?

You will need:
  • herb sage
  • Calendula
  • leaf plantain
  • wax candle
  • Burdock root
  • Wormwood
# 1

sharp pain appears when the injury finger, swelling,damaged soft tissue, muscle, periosteum while maintaining their integrity.Small vessels are torn, so soon because of hemorrhage appears to bruise gematomoy.Borodavki is a viral disease.The virus enters in contact with the agent through the injured skin, sweat, household obihodaGnoerodnye microbes (staphylococci, streptococci), penetrating injuries, cuts, scratches, are the cause of boils and abscesses.

# 2

about how to treat a strong bruise of a finger in a campaign and get rid of the pain, learn from the advice of traditional medicine: 1.During the first two hours, apply lotions of cold water, mashed peel and lemon juice, herbs, sage, cabbage or raw potatoes.In the presence of essential oils and lemon sage, they are added to water.Apply cold clay primochki.2.Over the next two hours, make these components poultices and lotions of cold clay.

# 3

Council on how to treat warts on fingers: 1.Rastoloch blossoms (the basket) or marigold red berries of mountain ash and apply to the wart, cover the bandage and plaster.After 10-12 hours, removed and applied applique svezhuyu.2.Maz: grind dandelion root and mix with butter (1: 4).Grease 2-3 times a day.

# 4

If you run up a finger as a treat in a campaign give advice healers: 1.In the presence of candles to pour a few times an abscess on his finger voskom.2 liquid.Mash plantain leaves with salt, candles drip wax and chewed a crumb of bread.Mix well and apply it on the boil, covered with a cloth.

# 5

Council on how to treat arthrosis of the toes and in the campaign to stop the pain: 1.Apply lotions of infusion: steamed in a cup chopped burdock root (1 tbsp..), Boiled for 15 minutes and allow to infuse for half an hour under the hood.Drain the water without sediment and add boiling water.Fabric wash after use, or use a new one.

# 6

How to cure a bruised thumb in the campaign, traditional medicine recommends: 1.Pound fresh tarragon, make a thick layer and apply to bruise.To prevent drying, often changing or moistened with water applikatsiyu..Zabolevanie and arthritic joints occur when the wrong metabolism and lack of digestion (constipation).Namely, due to the termination or performance of physical exercises and hot bath treatment immediately after a hearty dinner, frequent intoxication, anger and insomnia.