How to scrub the paint for the hair from the skin ?

How to scrub the paint for the hair from the skin ?
You will need:
  • Vaseline or toothpaste
  • alcohol
  • cotton pads
  • Baking soda
  • acetone or nail polish remover
# 1

Not everyone knows how torinse hair dye from clothing, although it is not so hard.So, first of all, you can use such a powerful tool, as a solvent (alcohol), which helps to remove everything, even the most stubborn stains from a paint.That alcohol is capable of dissolving not only fresh but dried paint.In this case we take the easy clean cotton pad, on which is applied a small amount of cleaning agent and then wiped off immediately contaminated sites.If at first you do not paint the whole otmylas, this procedure can be repeated again until all the paint is completely be removed.

# 2

To remove the hair dye from the skin is recommended to use the following method.Take a small amount of plain toothpaste and applied directly to the contaminated skin, and then the paste is removed with a clean, warm waters.This cleaning process must be repeated until such time has not yet fully

be cleaned leather.If desired, the toothpaste can be replaced by a simple petroleum jelly and light, gentle movements to rub into the skin.It is important to remember that in order to completely remove the paint, it is necessary to use a fairly large amount of petroleum jelly.However, not too long it is recommended to use this facility as on the skin may appear quite severe irritation.

# 3

Remove paint helps and nail polish remover.In this case, it takes a small amount of money and is applied on a clean cotton pad, after which the treated contaminated skin.Do not forget that the acetone, as well as petroleum jelly, is able to provoke the appearance of a rather strong irritation of the skin, so use this technique should be cautious.

# 4

Not knowing how at home to remove hair dye from the skin, we recommend using the following method.It takes a simple baking soda (exactly one teaspoon. Teaspoonful) and mixed with water (five to seven drops), and the resulting paste is applied directly to the soiled areas of skin and gently rub away the stain.As is known, the baking soda is excellent scrub, using which it is possible to remove practically any pollution not only from the skin but also to other surfaces.

# 5

to scrub the paint is another proven method can be used - in the contaminated area to apply a small amount of baby oil and any soft movements rubbed into the skin.This means not only perfectly dissolves complex compositions used for hair coloring, but also moisturizes the skin.