How to whiten the face of hydrogen peroxide ?

How to whiten the face of hydrogen peroxide ?
You will need:
  • peroxide 3%
  • egg
  • white clay
  • tablets gidroperita
# 1

Probably the easiest and most affordable means to whiten the face is hydrogen peroxide.However, you need to use this tool wisely, as it, in spite of its merits, is a strong oxidant.If you use it wrong, it can cause skin trouble.Typically, in order to solve the problem as the hydrogen peroxide to bleach a person should use the peroxide, which will have a minimum concentration.Typically a 3% solution, which is sold in each drugstore.

# 2

for whitening of the skin, you can apply a mask, a part of which will include peroxide.It is necessary to grind a little cheese and egg yolk, then add to the weight of a few drops of peroxide.The mask applied on the face and hold for 15 minutes and wash off.After removing the mask on the face need to apply the cream.This mask is perfectly whitens the skin, but it is understandable, because with it you can even solve the problem of how to clean gold peroxide.The need to apply a mask

every day, no.I will use it a couple of times a week is enough.

# 3

may prepare another recipe whitening mask peroxide-based facial.This requires a little white clay mix, and several grams of zinc oxide.The mass obtained is added a teaspoon of peroxide.Mix all into a homogeneous mass, you can apply this mixture on the face of minutes on 20. The effect of such a mask turns gorgeous, and all thanks to the properties of peroxide, which it has.You can use it to solve this problem and how to wash the ear with hydrogen peroxide.

# 4

well and the next mask whitening face.To prepare the course will need peroxide, but if it was not at hand, the one who knows how to make the from gidroperita peroxide, can make a mask with no problems.To do this, one tablet gidroperita dissolve in a glass of water.Thus obtained is added hydrogen peroxide to a whipped protein foam.Peroxides need to take a teaspoon.The mask is applied for 15 minutes and washed with cold water.

# 5

All masks that contain peroxide should not be applied more than twice a week, and after their application need to use the cream.Peroxide is an excellent tool for use in cosmetics and more.With its help, you can also solve the problem of how to clean the ears of peroxide, which is also important.