How to drink chicory ?

How to drink chicory ?
You will need:
  • Ground chicory
  • Water
  • roots of chicory
  • Pan
  • Oven
# 1

useful drink made from such familiar and accessible chicory, loveeat a lot in your diet.But the question is not whether to use a "coffee" is harmful?We are accustomed to the fact that the surrogates, substitutes, usually much worse and more harmful than the original.Drink from chicory primarily perceived it as a substitute for coffee, which, by virtue of its composition, does not fit all.

# 2

In chicory, unlike coffee is absolutely no caffeine.While some invigorating effect after consuming this drink is sure to come.If the main negative quality coffee for you - a high content of caffeine, you can reduce its impact, "dilute" it with some of the ground or instant chicory.

# 3

It is clear that there is a question, if you bought chicory, how to make it right?Many people prefer its taste and smell.While some quite difficult to get used to it.It can also advise them to make a blend, a mixture of coffee and chicor

y.Then you will be able to dampen the negative manifestations of coffee and add to its positive qualities, medicinal properties of chicory.

# 4

In order to prepare high-quality drink better prepare the feed yourself.Prepared chicory roots need to pre-wash residues of earth and sand and dry in an oven or in a suspended state, for example in a suitable ventilated.When the raw material is dry enough, you can proceed to the next step - roasting.

# 5

This is a fairly complex process, requiring constant stirring.For those who knows and understands how to properly drink chicory, good value, evenly roasted roots, which it does not look burnt.During this process, the conversion of certain polysaccharides is included in the root of this value, fructose.

# 6

That it goes on heating stage of caramelization, while giving ground roots of a nice brown color.After roasting the roots are ground in a coffee grinder or use a blender.Keep long ready-mix is ​​not recommended - weathered valuable components of chicory.If the roots of chicory was not available, you can use ready-made drink from chicory.These drinks are sold in pharmacies and some stores.

useful drink from chicory