How to take the bran to cleanse the bowel ?

How to take the bran to cleanse the bowel ?
You will need:
  • knowledge about the health of your stomach and intestines
  • bran (wheat, oat, etc...)
  • fluid zapivaniya or cooking bran
# 1

walls of cereal grains consist of fiber has many beneficial properties for the human body.It is its ability to swell under the action of the fluid, creating a mass of the absorbent, absorbing harmful substances used during purification by intestinal bran.Last rich in fiber as the shell particles are grains of different cereals.purgation using well bran that cleans thus, decomposition products of food substances, cholesterol, and even radionuclides.At the same time, the bran are inexpensive food products sold in pharmacies and grocery stores.However, before you take the bran, it is advisable to consult your doctor, especially if there are any problems with the stomach or intestines.

# 2

for bowel cleansing can be used raw bran.In this case, it is better to buy in the pharmacy or in the store nutritional supplements, where they are sold is prepared t

o preventive medical consumption..Such bran is necessary to take 1 - 2 tablespoons for 10 - 20 minutes before meals with a glass of some liquid (.. Water, juice, light tea, berry or fruit compote, cooked without sugar, etc.) you need to drink fluids likeat least a glass, rather than just a few sips.Since there are bran in large quantities can not, the daily intake of the above doses should be limited to two - three time.Bran are quite heavy to digest the product, which in any case should not be abused, arbitrarily increasing the dose from a desire to speed up the effect.

# 3

also can not be too stretched over time the process of bowel cleansing raw bran.The first period of cleaning is best limited to two weeks.If, however, thanks to the first rate is obtained tangible results and not caused injury, then six months later you can try to extend the dietary course of three weeks.Further, knowing how to use raw oat bran and not harm their own health, you can use the month course of cleansing the body annually.Such a course will bring real benefit, without requiring any particular time and any effort.

# 4

You can also use steamed bran for intestinal cleansing.They are prepared very simply, are thrown into a pot of boiling water, which is immediately removed from the plate and wrapped in a towel.Bran swell and can be taken before or during a meal in the amount of 1 - 2 tablespoons.This is a simple way how to make wheat bran or bran cereals other without violating or restricting their usual way of life and nutrition.This two-week course duration can be done a couple of times a year.Thus, thanks to a simple, natural and inexpensive products can significantly improve your health, to contribute to proper metabolism in the body, lose weight, if overweight, and just feel the rush of new vitality.