How often to drink chicory ?

How often to drink chicory ?
You will need:
  • Fresh chicory roots
  • Ground chicory
  • Water
  • Pan
# 1

drink made from the roots of this wonderful plant, has long enjoyed a deserved popularity.And it is not accidental.After all, they contain a large amount of various nutrients.But keep in mind the fact that the chicory - is primarily a medicinal plant.Therefore, should treat him, observing some caution.

# 2

For example, in certain diseases it is not recommended to use.Such diseases are often physicians include stomach ulcers, cardiovascular disease, duodenal ulcer, high blood pressure, varicose veins, and some others.Not random people, carefully related to your health, ask about how often you can drink chicory?

# 3

can say with confidence that if you do not have such deviations, you can safely consume drinks from the plant almost every day.Just do not be too zealous and drink more four cups a day.For the preparation of a beverage from chicory root, it is necessary to prepare them beforehand.To do this, they are

dried.You can do this in the usual natural way.

# 4

And you can take the help of a conventional oven or dryer.Ready roots are easily broken, and you can hear the crack of a certain characteristic.Mangled roots into small pieces and fry them in a pan or on a baking sheet in the oven.Included in the root polysaccharides by heating are converted to fructose and caramelizing from high temperatures, giving a specific brown roasted roots.

# 5

How often can I use chicory nursing mothers and pregnant women?And is it possible at all?Yes, even when pregnancy is recommended to drink a little drink from chicory.This contributes to better performance peristalsis, removes excess fluid from the body of the future moms, because it has excellent diuretic properties.But even in such a drink is not harmful for pregnant women caffeine, they should not be abused.

# 6

can drink moderate amounts of it for small colds, as it helps to bring down the temperature a little.If you suffer from allergies or a severe cough - should not eat chicory drinks.They can only increase the symptoms and cause some harm to the body.If the chicory roots are not able to obtain, use store-bought ready ground chicory.