How to cure heartburn : Tips for all occasions !

How to cure heartburn : Tips for all occasions !
You will need:
  • Mineral water
  • Shilajit
  • Kalinovoye jam
  • Vegetable oil
  • Buckwheat flour
  • Horseradish
# 1

Most often, heartburn is the result of pathologythe functioning of the digestive system.The most common symptom is an unpleasant develops in people with high acidity of gastric enzyme.If you have heartburn in the solar plexus, it is possible to talk about casting in the intestinal contents of the stomach.If discomfort is noted in the retrosternal area - weakened valve located between the esophagus and the stomach.Provocateurs heartburn consider overeating, failure to comply with a prescribed diet, drinking plenty of fluids.To save people from a burning sensation, pharmacology offers a number of effective drugs.However, you can use and folk wisdom to solve the problem gently, without causing harm to the digestive tract.

# 2

There actionable recommendations on how to cure heartburn permanently.First of all, it should be carefully chew food, as well as to exclude from the daily di

et of fried foods and fatty foods.Heartburn often occurs due to smoking.Do not lie down after eating.It is necessary, at least for half an hour in an upright position, for example, to make a leisurely stroll.A good way to prevent heartburn during sleep -. It is about to lift the head of the bed by 15 cm in this case, the gastric juice will be more difficult to get into the esophagus.Preventive measures will significantly reduce the discomfort.However, if the discomfort continues to haunt the person, you can not drink a glass of sparkling mineral water with an alkaline medium.

# 3

Very often, a person extinguishes heartburn a little soda.It's worth noting that if such treatment will be needed each time increasing dose "of the drug."Also, this method poses a serious health hazard.Gas evolution can become so intense that will break the membrane of the stomach and internal bleeding.It is better to try safer methods, for example, to eat 2 times a day, half a teaspoon of crushed shell of boiled eggs.Excellent effect has ginger root, which is recommended to be taken after meals.Very pleasant cure for heartburn - Kalinovoye jam.To prepare it must be removed from the ripe berries bone.Kalina steamed in the oven until tender and rub through a fine sieve enough.

# 4

1 part by weight combined with 4 parts water and sugar to taste, then, bring to a boil.The result will be not only delicious jam for tea, but also an excellent remedy for heartburn.Another recipe, how to cure heartburn, based on the use of celery.The crushed fresh root eaten in quantities of 1 - 2 tablespoons three times a day.It is possible to apply the same effect, and dried root.In this case, 2 teaspoons crushed dried root brewed cup of boiling water and continue to push for about 30 minutes.Drink the infusion in 2 - 3 admission.What if the house is not phytotherapeutic funds?From heartburn great help dining spoon of olive or any other vegetable oil.You can chew few dry peas, which are used for cooking soup.

# 5

Cure heartburn without resorting to medicine, help ordinary buckwheat flour.It is possible to prepare in advance and stored in a glass or plastic container.In a cast iron skillet should be ignited buckwheat without oil.Krupa should buy a dark brown shade.Then, it is ground in a coffee grinder and screened through a fine strainer.Accepted recommended pinch 3 - 4 times a day.Due to be held definitively flour heartburn.It is possible, for example, to use potato juice.Due to the presence of amyloid substances, juice coats the mucous membrane of the stomach with a protective film, eliminating heartburn.Displaying add a glass of juice a tablespoon of honey.Drink means 2 times during the day for the half of the glass.

# 6

At the outlet grinder is better to wear tight package and then scroll through the 300-gram horseradish root.The mass shift in capacity of 3 liters and pour boiled water, temperature 36 - 37 degrees.The water must completely fill the jar, before reaching the edge of 2 - 3 cm. Throat capacity tied clean gauze.A day later the liquid is filtered, poured into a well-washed container.Then, sealed and removed in a fridge.Take tincture shown for only 1/4 cup for 20 - 30 minutes before a meal.Positive dynamics is observed almost immediately in the treatment of the mummy, and completely get rid of the discomfort can be up to 2 - 3 weeks.It is after the evening and the morning meal to eat drink milk with natural honey, and 0.2 grams mummy.

# 7

In recent years, many nutritionists recommend eating grapefruit.Yellow and red fruits are equally valuable and have a sufficient number of useful features.Also, fruit copes with heartburn.Optionally, eat the whole fruit at once.Enough to eat 2 - 3 slices before eating.The positive result comes very quickly, but to get rid of heartburn using delicious diet only after 3 - 4 months.Of course, not all the help of herbal medicine recipes.Moreover, each component has contraindications.Therefore, make sure to use the people's councils, which means no harm and do not cause allergic reactions.In the absence of the effect can be reduced by means of heartburn drugs such as "Gastal".