How to connect your computer to the Internet ?

How to connect your computer to the Internet ?
You will need:
  • Adapter Wi-Fi
  • 3G-modem and SIM-card
# 1

Even in our time, when the World Wide Web has covered practically the whole world, there are peoplewho do not know how to connect a computer to the internet.There is nothing funny or shameful: all one day doing something for the first time.Moreover, to understand this very easily.As is known, the most common in our country is a wired connection to a DSL internet connection.After signing the contract with the provider master is carried out in an apartment fiber optic cable.Typically, the wizard themselves set up everything you need, but if they for some reason do not have to connect to.First you need to install the network card driver, and insert the cable end into a special connector system unit - Ethernet.

# 2

After that, you need to open your computer Control Panel, go to the Control Center Network and Sharing Center and click on the item "Set up a new connection", click "Next".In the new window, choose to create a high-speed

connection.A form for entering the user name and password, which can be found in the contract with the provider.By completing this form, you need to press "Connect".The computer will try to establish a connection in case of a successful connection will automatically save the settings.Further connected to the network can be via an icon network.Now that you know how to set up an Internet connection, you can not spend money on calling a wizard to help you set up a network connection.

# 3

Another way to access the world wide web is a wireless connection - Wi-Fi.In this sense, the most unlucky inhabitants of large towns and cities, where even at home often "caught" open password-less signal from the nearest coffee shop or bank.But how to connect your computer to the Internet via Wi-Fi?To do this, the owners of desktop computers need to purchase an adapter and laptop users - just turn it on a combination of "hot" keys.Then, by clicking on the network icon in the system tray, you need only select the available connection.You can also purchase a Wi-Fi router.Unfortunately, the router market is very large and provide a universal connection scheme can not be through.If you have problems, you can refer to the device instructions.

# 4

Sometimes providers accidents occur.So how to establish an Internet connection in such a case can not be yourself, you have to resort to other methods to gain access to the network.All operators of the "Big Three" implement their own models of 3G-Modem.You have to buy himself a modem and an additional SIM-card with unlimited internet.By connecting the modem to the computer via USB, you must also install the drivers for it.Usually they are stored directly on the modem.After installation and registration on the network SIM-card in the list of available connections will be broadband - is the most common mobile Internet.As a rule, it does not require a password, only subscribers of the operator can gain access to it after all.Connect to it, you can initiate a review of the Internet.