How to fry the seeds in the oven : a method of treatment of prostatitis

How to fry the seeds in the oven : a method of treatment of prostatitis
You will need:
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Oven
  • Running water
  • Mincer
# 1

Pumpkin seeds in ancient times used to treat this unpleasant disease as prostatitis.This is due to the fact that these seeds are a large amount of zinc.On the day of man is necessary before a meal to eat at least thirty pumpkin seeds.This amount is the amount of zinc on one day.

# 2

course, roasted sunflower seeds are much tastier than raw.How to fry the seeds in the oven, the question seems to be simple.But there are some special tonkostey.Polzy roasted pumpkin seeds do not bring, but they can be pampered.It is important that during cooking they do not overcook, or, even worse, not burned.So, it needs to rinse seeds, pour them evenly on a baking sheet and place in preheated oven.

# 3

How to fry salted sunflower seeds?Salt should be added during cooking, trying to evenly mix the seeds.Wet seeds swell, then podsushatsya.Therefore, their taste will change compared to other seeds, roasted, for example, in a frying pan

or in the microwave.With the correct temperature in the oven, preheated before they roast the seeds, the seeds begin to crackle for ten - fifteen minutes.At this point, they can already pull out of the oven.

# 4

If seeds while still damp, you can just leave them on the baking sheet for a short time.If they are ready, the better they pour into another bowl, preferably earthenware.This is one of the secrets of how to fry the seeds in the oven so that they are not on a baking podgoreli.Inache seeds reach the burning state and will not tasty.

# 5

To avoid burning the seeds at the beginning of cooking, you can add a little water in the pan.It's good influence and too the dried seeds that are easy to absorb moisture and swell.This method works for frying in a pan.

# 6

And yet, how to prepare seeds for the treatment of prostatitis?To do this, you need five hundred grams of raw pumpkin seeds.They need to twist in a meat grinder.The ground seeds need to add about two hundred grams of honey.From the resulting mass can be molded into balls the size of hazelnuts.Stored this medicine in the refrigerator.Take these "pills" should be on bottom ball once or twice a day, before meals.