How to drink carrot juice for sunburn ?

How to drink carrot juice for sunburn ?
You will need:
  • carrot juice
  • cream
  • olive oil
# 1

The benefits of fresh juices are aware, perhaps, everything.Nutritionists advise to use at least one glass of this useful drink a day, so the owners of private plots should thoroughly think about before you make wine from the juice.One of the most useful garden vegetables, rightly, considered the carrots.Carrot juice- a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.It is rich in vitamin A, E, C, D, B vitamins, contains flavonoids, beta-carotene and enzymes.Subject to its proper use, it improves visual acuity, appearance of a beautiful tan, strengthens the immune system.According to the degree of influence on the human body with this product can be compared to that of beet juice.How to drink the juice as a mixture, can be obtained from reliable sources or specialized medical journals.

# 2

carotene, which is found in carrots, promotes the synthesis of female sex hormones, so scientists are advised to drink carrot juice more often it is women, es

pecially pregnant women and nursing mothers.But many people appreciate carrot also for the fact that it contributes to a smooth and beautiful tan.It is, as mentioned above, contains a large quantity of carotene, and that, in turn, is involved in melanin synthesis, which itself forms and tan.It is important that as used carrot juice was natural, freshly squeezed.From the product purchased in the usual supermarket, much good will not.For information on how to make orange juice, everyone knows.But the preparation of carrot juice is not much more difficult, just need to buy for this purpose a special juicer.

# 3

Those who wish to achieve a beautiful and even tan, should be consumed one glass of juice a day, preferably in a couple of hours to hike to the beach or in the solarium.In those days, when the solarium is not provided, you can drink carrot juice mixed with tomato.For information on how to make tomato juice, can be found in specialized literature, but the process is quite time-consuming, so in this case it is better to buy the finished product in the store.It is important to know that the use of carrot juice, like all fat-soluble vitamins should be with products containing large amounts of fat, such as olive or sunflower oil, or fat cream.Before you drink carrot juice, should be familiar with all the existing contraindications.For example, it is not recommended to use the ulcer and diabetes.