Eating after surgery, surgery ?

Eating after surgery, surgery ?
You will need:
  • protein nutrition
  • Vitamins
  • broth hips
# 1

Power in the postoperative period is based on the assumption that many patients develop a deficiency of vitamins, protein,dehydration occurs.The diet should be designed to ensure the body needs nutrients and energy, sparing the affected organs, increasing the body's resistance.When choosing how to eat after the operation, should take into account the nature of the operation, on which bodies it was produced.In any case, the diet should be gentle at first (liquid, rubbed) with a gradual expansion of the diet.

# 2

Any operation - an injury to body tissues, and as with any injury there is swelling of tissues.Postoperative edema will gradually go away, but to speed up the process, there are some simple rules of how to remove the swelling after surgery.This may be receiving diuretic pills after consulting your doctor or drink a decoction of rose hips.Swelling also arise due to the insufficient number of albumin (protein) in the bl

ood due to its loss.To restore the balance of protein, essential diet containing foods high in protein: chicken, beef, fish, low-fat varieties of cheese.

# 3

very important to know how to behave after the operation.After all, this will help avoid post-operative complications.Light movement will prevent adhesions in the abdominal cavity.It is also important to monitor regularly the work of the intestine, to prevent constipation.If the operation on the stomach or intestines, then feeding the first few days I do not have.After consultation with the doctor can start low-fat diet with chicken broth, gradually adding the boiled meat frayed.The food should not be hot or cold, it is important to take a horizontal position, especially in the morning - if the load is removed from the pancreas.

# 4

Surgery itself is a heavy load for the body, so it is very important to know how to recover after the operation as efficiently as possible.Follow all doctor's advice to take medication as prescribed.Food is also a medicine if properly pick up.It is possible (after consultation with your doctor) drink special protein therapeutic mixture, module type, or eating fresh boiled food from easily digestible foods.The first days are permitted low-fat chicken broth and tea.Then add yogurt, jelly.Ration expand, adding boiled porridge, mucous soups, low-fat cottage cheese, meat.Multivitamin preparations will help make up for deficiency of vitamins.

# 5

It is important to maximize the study all issues relating to both their illness and recovery paths.Man consciously related to their health, will achieve the desired result.And further.It is noted that optimists recover faster.