How to eat bran : the bran and fiber

How to eat bran : the bran and fiber
You will need:
  • bran
  • water
# 1

bran and fiber - different types of dietary fiber.Bran obtained as a byproduct in the processing buckwheat grains, wheat, oats, rice, rye.They are not digested and absorbed in the body, but, nevertheless, carry out a few important things.Bran, as a natural sorbent toxins, swelled in the stomach reduces appetite and help fight constipation.To get the maximum benefit from them, it is necessary to know how to eat bran.They are usually taken before a meal or during a meal.

# 2

begin receiving bran better with a small amount.So you can avoid unpleasant sensations in the stomach.Oat bran are softer than wheat.What would they need to know to choose the look of the bran from oats - they are much lighter than the wheat.The bran may be in powder form and compacted to granules.It should also be paid to the packaging of bran - it must be of high quality that have not dampened bran and there was no foreign smell.

# 3

There is some difference in order to make a

bran diet by simply receiving prophylactic bran.When losing weight bran are beginning to take with 0.5 teaspoons 1 times a day before meals or with food.The dose is gradually increased to 2-4 teaspoons a day.If losing weight treated comprehensively, it also follows all the correct diet to reduce calories aside, the last meal to replace a glass of low-fat yogurt with a spoon of bran.

# 4

To receive dietary fiber did not cause irritation of the stomach, it is necessary to know how to cook the bran correctly.In the first bran better techniques pour boiling water and let them stand for 5-10 minutes.They swell, become more gentle.Then they can drink from a water or added to food.Then bran can not zaparivaya, simply add in a bowl of soup, cereal, in yogurt.

# 5

bran can be a simple and effective means for weight loss, and for cleansing the body of carcinogens.In diabetes bran intake helps reduce sugar levels.But in order to avoid some of the unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules of how to use bran.First of all, the bran should be taken with plenty of water, in order that they would not have scored the intestine.Admission to start with a small amount, gradually bringing it to 2-4 teaspoons a day.

# 6

Bran are natural sorbent, so take them out the next course of 1-2 weeks, otherwise the body may take the necessary vitamins and minerals.The body must have time to restore the balance.